Sunday, December 31, 2006

This Modern Life

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

Christophe says:
so ?????
etienne says:
hello mon c
Christophe says:
u dont want to me anymore then ?????
etienne says:
what to you?
Christophe says:
Christophe says:

You cannot send a Nudge to your contact because he or she is using an older version of Messenger that does not support this feature.

etienne says:
was it on skype?
etienne says:
do you love me?
etienne says:
are u hingry?
Christophe says:
yeah yeah
etienne says:
want some champagne?
Christophe says:
hingry ??????
etienne says:
what we watching at4/.
Christophe says:
tim burton's corpse bride
etienne says:
ah good...4pm?
Christophe says:
Christophe says:
u peckish ?
etienne says:
etienne says:
etienne says:
crisps and nuts
etienne says:

"Barebacking" Safe Sex TV Ad

It may only have been a coincidence, but it brought back some of the thoughts I'd had following Friday's lunch time talk with a friend.

On Friday evening we were watching some easy viewing TV on Sky Three, after the 9pm watershed. During one if the advert breaks was a safe sex advert, specifically referring to bareback sex (using the term "bareback"), albeit in a heterosexual context. It's the first time that I have heard "bareback" being used to refer as well to heterosexual unprotected sex, and it surprised me in an ad aimed primarily at teens.

Some 18-ish looking lads are off to play footie, talking about last night's party. In the meantime we see two girls, looking slightly worse for wear, picking their way through the post party mess. The lads are talking about one of them having scored last night. He hands back his mate an unused condom, saying he didn't need it. His mate is surprised and says that he thought he scored last night. Cut to the two girls, both looking concerned and worried. Cut back to the lads. Yes I did, he boasts. But I did it "bareback", at which point his mates give him their disrespect, pointing out how stupid he was not to use the condom. Cut back to the two girls. The tag line being something like to earn respect, be respectful/responsible. Wear a condom.

I've been looking (unsuccessfully so far) for more information on the particular ad, and maybe even a YouTube posting. Usually these things come with a blaze of publicity, given the rather conservative attitude to discussing sex in the UK. I don't think that it is part of the government's essential wear campaign (which includes the following ad):

Of course, what belies the need for such an add is the real problem with the increase in the transmission of STI's in the UK, especially among teenagers. One knows that the problem is both very real and is being taken very seriously, before an ad like that makes it on to the TV.

Although I've not found out any more information on the bareback ad, I did come across a variety of some other stuff. And got round to thinking... So I'm compiling a kind of no-comment reportage.

I find myself slightly hesitant about posting it because it is difficult to present something in a non-judgemental way. I don't want to use material-and quote from other blogs-if it seems I'm making judgement.

To be clear-I'm not looking to make my own comment or impose any view. I have no message to convey. I want the extracts to speak for themselves and for the reader to take from it what they want. Yet, even the process of selecting articles, posts and blogs entries and putting them in any sense of order, can appear to be making comment.

It's not intended to be erotic either. But, by its nature, it can't be accurate if I sanitize it. Anyway, lookout for that perspective coming soon.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

La Nuit Gourmande

Ah, it's so very satisfying to have a well stocked fridge!

This year Xfe and I are spending New Year at home. Normally I see the New Year in somewhere other than London-the Czech Republic or somewhere in France. Mon C preferred to stay at home. He's soon off again anyway (to Singapore on the 5th for some work with Chanel), and having been away for Christmas it's nice to relax. So we'll brave the storm, have the central heating cranked up. Enjoy good company, good food and good wine. We've got movies and stuff to watch. Yup we're stocked up enough for quite a few days.

Hailing from Scotland, I've taken 2nd January off (it's a Bank Holiday in Scotland, always). I hate having to go back to the office so soon after the festivities. So, it's not really la nuit gourmande...more like the long weekend goumande!

I'm going to make fish pie, with scallop and king prawn. I'll also be making tagliatelle con funghi with truffle sauce. Mon C will be making the fondue. We have three cheeses for that-comte, beaufort and gruyere (his savoyarde recipe uses them in the proportion 4:4:1). We also have or own cheese selection for after, including English stilton and brie with truffle layers). Christmas pudding (Christophe loves it), with creme anglaise.

Were stocked full of alcohol too. As a result of Xfe's recent trip to Moscow and mine to Poland we have about 3 litres of vodka. Russian and Polish premium stuff. We have gin (I'm about 80% G&T, 20% V&T when it comes to spirits), champagne, very fine wines (gifted by my boss), various aperitifs and digestifs.

Footnote: Mon C is not a big eater nor a big drinker. If he drinks wine, he will manage one glass over the course of dinner, and no more. He eats small proportions and always eats fresh fruit and usually with each meal salad, bread and cheese (of course).

Le Bo Bo/It Wouldn't Be Festive Without

Is it wrong to enjoy a fresh glass of champagne for breakfast (maybe better if taken after 11am)? Or a glass of crisp, chilled dry white wine? I'm undecided. But there is something about the festive period that makes us indulge ourselves.

For example, it's not Christmas for me without some pickled silverskin onions to crunch on, of an evening. For New Year, sliced roasted ham with mustard on the side. Hmm. We're just off to La Fromagerie to stock up on a fine selection for our New Year's Eve feast, and of course, the fondue.

Friday, December 29, 2006

No Judgement Here/A Friend In Need

I took an early lunch with a friend today. He was troubled. Cut to the chase...he craves bareback, unprotected sex with anonymous fcuks.

He hasn't yet, but he confided that he senses it is only a matter of time before he yields.

For some time now he has been "grooming" (or maybe been groomed by) a couple of on-line chat buddies. He chats regularly to a couple of guys (I never asked which forum). Every time the conversation gets round to the "sublime intimacy" of him giving it unprotected to one of these guys.

This guy is a professional. He was in a relationship (albeit I always thought a destructive one. It was no surprise when he and his long term bf split up. They each had extra curricular activities, which they knew about but pretended never happened). Since they split up he has been fairly determined in his quest for sex, having it with random pick-ups, frequently. He assures me, and I have no reason not to believe him, that he always has practiced safe sex. But he has been watching bareback porn. And it gets him off in a big way. Now he obsseses about it, and the result is he has two guys lined up to give it to, all the way.

I tried not to be judgemental. I like to pride myself that I'm not. But I think he's a fool to take the risk. All for the sake of a quick thrill-or is it something deeper than that? I have my views, but one belief has been unhinged. I never believed those who said that there was a correlation between, for example, violent porn and violence being perpetrated during sex. But by analogy, my friend is totally convinced that his appetite to take these guys inside him, unprotected, to completion and beyond is totally due to a desire born of watching gay, bareback porn.

The terrible thing is he accepts my advices and views. But his desire has gotten out of control and he expects this will happen.

I don't know what else I can tell him. I doubt I can talk him into sense-he appreciates everything I said and totally agrees. But sense is no longer his master.

What Santa Brought-Xfe

Towards the end of November after our fine lunch, and before the theatre, mon C tried on a leather jacket that suited him very well. He was so disappointed when I lied and told him that I didn't like it, that really it didn't suit him. How his face fell. It was even worse because it really did suit him, and I could see he was disappointed. But I thought it would make a nice Christmas treat.

So, imagine his surprise when Santa delivered it.

Also, Santa has good taste in luxury bathing product. And what a coincidence it's Naran favourite too!

Hit Or Miss

Hmm, TV over the festive period has been a little dull, I think.

Doctor Who-The Runaway Bride

Nicely realised and I thought Catherine Tate's casting was inspired. She is certainly "of the moment" and her Donna had touches of some of her own characters (but only slightly) to keep viewers amused. However the plot wasn't up to that much-certainly not in terms of the alien strand. The fact that the alien was in a huge prosthetic and presumably somewhat immobile from the waist down really showed.

Russell T. Davies writes well, though. His dialogue works best when he's exposing the Doctor's feelings and emotions which surface from time to time, and that is what makes his Doctor Who so good.


Marc Warren looked a little bit Johnny Depp, a la Willy Wonka if you ask me. It looked lush, although I'm not sure if the lighting quite worked, if its purpose was to create atmosphere. In fact at times the green/blue hue made me think of the inside of the TARDIS.

Despite the fact that it felt gothic, it just didn't create suspense.

Having seen some more clips of the BBC's last dramatisation, I think it will remain the definitive (TV) version.

Still, there's always High School Musical on BBC1 this evening! And on New Years Day, the all new Sarah Jane adventures. Gosh it's 25 years (almost to the day) since we last had her K9 & Company spin off.

Oh, and the last ever Vicar of Dibley also on NYDay has a Doctor Who theme...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Guest Appearance

For the first time in many years, I've nothing special planned for Hogmanay. Rather I've no special event planned. Mon C and I are going to stay at home, have some good food, and a fondue. Xfe is an Alpine boy, and it's one of his local specialities. Thus he is extremely well able to make the genuine article.

We bought a cast iron "rechaud a fondue" (the hotplate on which the fondu pan is sits) from Annecy from one of the cheese restaurants we ate in. It's extremely well crafted, and looks pretty (aye there's the gay boy in me squeezing through to the surface).

As the New Year is a time to look forward I thought I might put my mind to 2007 highlights. Most immediately I thought of the production of Equus, starring Harry Potter, not because it's got the geek with the glasses and the scar, but because it's also going to have a hot Holywood heartthrob (and I don't mean Richard Griffiths either). When I came to write about it I realised I couldn't actually remember if it is who I thought it was. I mean, I had a quick read of something that was sent through. An actor who danced in Matt Bourne's company. I got it into my head that it was Chris Evans. Not the ginger one-this one:

Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part...

Anyway. tomorrow I'll put in a guest appearance at the office while mon C goes shopping. I'm not fun to shop with. Or rather I am, if you like laptops, AppleMac products, HD flat screen TV. Certainly not River Island, Zara... I might buy a Paul Smith suit though. I've not decided. I think I have enough suits already...8 or so at last count. And besides, it's like a school uniform. I get no pleasure wearing them.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Count Down

...just a reminder for those with access to BBC. Tomorrow night the BBC broadcast their new production of Dracula, with Marc Warren.

As previously blogged, the BBC last dramatised this in 1977 with Louis Jourdan as the Count. Here's the moment his brides seduce Harker...

Reality Sucks

Tonight we went to see Chicago at the Cambridge theatre. It was mon C's first time, and I think my 9th, although the first I'd seen it since it transferred from the Adelphi to make way for Evita.

So, we had two reality tv show "stars" and a soap star. Still they made the professional musical theatre actress playing Velma Kelly really stand out.

Brenda Edwards (ex-X Factor) could sing well enough. She probably moved exactly as she was directed, but was ever so slightly wooden and never natural. You could see she had been given a direction for a strong pose. Apart from that and when singing she never seemed at ease with herself during the show.

Then there was a Maria....Alfie, Effie-the Irish one if that means anything? (I never watched it. I'd only get too involved). Aoife Mulholland. Average. Very average. And certainly nothing special.

The irony of this is that Chicago itself preaches a lesson about 15 minute wannabes. Roxie and Velma are vying for publicity, to launch their vaudeville careers. The show demonstrates that celebrity is fleeting. This has never seemed more so in the case of the reality TV celebrity.

Ian Kelsey (ex Emerdale and Casualty) was ok as Billy Flynn. I guess the thing is that it's not a terribly exciting role. OK I guess you need a bit of charisma. He was ok.

Anyway, we were at the front, and I caught one of Velma's roses.

Where Are We?

We are on our way to the theatre, and if you read the Taste of Vanilla blog I guess you can work out which are our preferred bus routes...

So have a guess, and, as they sign:

"I'm sorry we can't return any. But we do give a prize for all those we show."

What Santa Brought

Santa must have been reading my blog (go look out the same labels as the last on this post to see what I mean).

(don't you think the Cybermen in the background look kinda butch?)

The Butcher

(...the baker, the candle stick maker).

Well, what did you do on Christmas day? Me? I helped butcher a chamois (a kind of deer that runs wild in the Alps). Here it is.

Beau-pere is a hunter. He has been since he was 18, and now he is 59. It's what people from the Alps do. For Christmas he even gave me a traditional hunting knife, which the Savoyards carry. Sharp blades freak me out. But I've already used it to cut meat, to cut my fromage...

For sure I could have been precious, but it's the way of Alpine life in Savoy. However it was a difficult the same time TV3 was showing a docu about the making of "Cabaret" at the Folies Bergere. And after all, we did go see it...and I *do* love my musicals!

Here is what's left of the 3 buches. Delicious. My favourite was the non-traditional pain d'epices (closest to the bottle of wine). A kind of mild gingerbread.

I had a lovely time with Xfe's maman and step-father. They really treated me well, like a family member. Even though Christmas day was so very different from how it is normally for me, I had a wonderful French family Christmas with them.

Our flight from Geneva was fine. No problems. But, of course, welcome to 3rd world Britain with our "world class" transport system. (Christmas joke). We got back to Gatwick only to find there were no trains running due to engineering works. So we had to get the bus in place of the Gatwick Express. took us longer to get from Gatwick to central London that it did to get from Geneva to Gatwick. Mind you, I should count my blessings. Remember on my trip to Turin-it took me longer to get *through* Gatwick (fast bag drop, security) than it did to get from central London to Gatwick. Hit or miss really...

Still Mon C and I must have been good, because, as you can see, Santa still paid us a visit and left all these presents for us under our tree...

Included in Xfe's stuff were tickets for Chicago...the only other musical mon C has wanted to see apart from Mary Poppins. So, we're off to see it tonight.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


My Three Wishes Routine

I’m a great believer that what goes around, comes around. However, I don’t go so far as to believe in the karma thing. Certainly, treat others, as you want to be treated. Be thankful for the things you have.

So, when Bobby offered me three Christmas wishes and I turned my mind to thinking about what I might want, I soon had the answer.

Alright, I was tempted to wish that I can eat the 12 snails which Xfe’s Mum is preparing for me as part of the traditional family Christmas Eve meal this evening without gagging!*

But on reflection-and quite seriously-I realised that I didn’t need 3 wishes. I already have my Christmas wish.

When the fog came mon C was able to make it home to Annecy. But I was still in London. I desperately wanted to be able to spend Christmas with him, as originally planned all that time ago. I didn’t want the fog and cancelled flights to strand me in London without him. My only wish was to make it to Annecy and spend Christmas with him.

I didn’t care if my luggage made it or not. Presents became unimportant. Being together for Christmas was the only important thing.

And here I am.

So having been granted something that was so important to me, to wish for anything else would just be plain greedy.

That said there are some things that I hope for. I hope that everyone (whether stranded in the fog, or otherwise) is able to be with those they love this Christmas.

As for my blogging friends, I hope that Bobby succeeds in his mission-quest, in whatever form that success is realised. And I hope that GBL finds his true love. Merry Christmas guys…


*…I asked mon C if the snails are those you can find in your garden (and why then don’t the French eat slugs)? Yup, they are regular snails. The same as you find in your garden.

They are rounded up, and put in a cage. They are starved for 2 weeks so they no longer produce their slimy mucus. Once they are starved (they don’t die from starvation) and are slime less, they are plunged into boiling water…

For more information, see here

And, to keep you in the festive spirit...

Ou Je Suis...


Tonight is Reveillon, the night on which families join together and celebrate Christmas-not only here in France, but also in Germany, and I think in many Scandinavian countries too.

That’s mainly why mon C and I are here. We will be going to his mother and stepfathers’, along with his brother and step brother (and his girlfriend). We will have aperitifs, then a selection of starters, including oysters and snails (yes, 12 of each), for the main course duck with cardons (we don’t really have it in the UK it’s a chard found only in the Alps), chestnuts, and then the cheese course (mmm, j’aimes les plus forts), and finishing with Bûche de Noël, which is a additional type of Christmas log. But they do it in different types-cake, ice cream, mousse and flavours-chocolate, chestnut, vanilla, coffee…

Mmm. Before we eat we get un petit cadeau, and when we finish we exchange gifts.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Heathrow Survivor

From hell

To Heaven…

Simon, my ex-partner of 7 years, once told me that I’m a lucky person. Maybe I am. Yesterday I certainly was. My luck started when I booked these flights to Annecy, way back in October or November, whenever it was.

Originally I was going to be going to Cologne yesterday, back to London on Saturday afternoon (Heathrow), and then from Heathrow to Geneva. However I decided to change my plans and discard those flights and just come to Annecy on the Friday. So I booked new flights…

When I booked them, I noticed, but only just, that my outbound flight was letting me upgrade to BA Club Europe (i.e. the premier class European status) at no cost. So, what else does a good North East of Scotland bloke do, but take advantage? I upgraded, and thus had a flexible ticket.

So, when Heathrow airport hell was happening I thought that it might be best to get out to Geneva soonest. At least I might have more chance of actually getting there for Christmas.

Of course, I was working on Thursday and by the time I thought to change all Thursday flights were full. Xfe got to Geneva with no real problem from Gatwick on Thursday. But 4 out of the 8 Heathrow flights on Thursday were cancelled.

I contacted BA. My ticket was for the 11.45 flight from Heathrow. I switched it so I had a sea, should I need it, on the 6.50am flight. Really, I didn’t want to be going there at such an ungodly hour, but I figured that as the day got on the chaos would get worse, and chances of slipping away would evaporate.

So I booked a car at 4.15 am to get to Paddington for the first Heathrow Express. “Express”, what a fcuking liberty. It took 15 minutes (the entire journey time) just to get outside Paddington station. In all it took me 50 minutes on the “Express” to get to T4. When I got there it was chaos already.

I had no idea which line I was meant to stand in. All BA queues were merging into one it seemed. The self-service check-ins were down, and seemed to have been for some time. I couldn’t check-in as usual. My flight was due to take off in an hour and the queues were far more than an hours worth of waiting.

All BA staff were stressed and stretched. My asking where I needed to check-in because I had less than an hour until my flight was just met with a comment that so did most people there (not true…I met someone I knew who was heading for New York at 9am).

Then, no sooner had I joined a queue, BA staff told everyone, absolutely everyone to leave the terminal. It was too full and the check-in couldn’t cope. We all had to go stand in line in a tent outside. The idea was that they would then call flights in time of departure order, to get people through checkout.

I stood there for about 15 minutes and nothing happened and no one seemed to know when anything was going to happen.

Then, with only 30 minutes to go, they called people whose flights were leaving before 7.30am. A flood of people pushed forward, attendants called for calm. I got stuck behind some woman with a trolley load of baggage who couldn’t get round the exit corner, and had to struggle past her.

When I got back into the terminals no airport staff could tell me which queue I needed. Again I explained I had less than 30 mins until my flight was due to depart. My anxiety was mainly that this was now only one of 3 flights leaving for Geneva that day. The other 5 had been cancelled overnight. I knew that if I didn’t make this one I would have to go through the same chaos again for the 11.45 flight.

Then, I heard attendants shouting for people departing for Geneva…in 20 mins! I got rushed to the front and with less than 20 mins to go eventually got to check in.

Well, there was a problem with reconciling the electronic booking number. 5 minutes later it was resolved. Then she told me the flight had “gated”. Oh, she said, the flight has gated. Fearing the worst I said I didn’t know what “gated,” meant. She started to explain something negative, but then stopped, as the computer then seemed to be able to do something and check me in. But then she couldn’t print me a boarding pass. Her machine had jammed. And she had run out of priority passes to get me through fast track. And, on top of that, gate 23 was one of the furthest departure gates…

5 minutes later I had my pass and was at security. Huge queues, even at fast track. But they had a plan. Uber-urgents were not going through the scanner. Luggage, shoes were, but people were being x-rayed. So I assumed the 3 positions and had a full body x-ray.

Fortunately the bag scanner person didn’t pick up on the toiletry products that, in my haste, I had understandably forgotten were in there. My bags went through I put on my shoes and had a 10 minute run to the gate. When I got there I was able to board. I felt sick, exhausted, stressed, almost to the point of tears. I could barely communicate. But I was able to look at my phone for the first time, and I managed to somehow to communicate by text to mon C that I was on the plane, and to get to Geneva to meet me.

Once on the plane there were no problems really. The only delay was some 15 minutes to pick up extra bags that didn’t make the Thursday flights.

I did think my bags were unlikely to make it. For the first time, I didn’t really care. I knew that I was going to make it.

My thoughts are with all those having to endure the airport chaos, and who still don’t know whether they are going to be with their loved ones this Christmas (for me, the true meaning of Christmas).

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Mon C has just gone to bed. So far I'm managing to keep my head above water. Work is a stress. CRAZY. But only 2 more days to go.

I earned my boss an invite to the opening of Wembley on Jan 17/18th (I can't remember which). Such is the heirarchy of seniority at a law firm. And as they are only allowed one invite per firm, it was not to be...c'est la vie.

So tomorrow I have to complete a report and assuming my £100m "must" exchange doesn't need to I'll have the time for it. I hope I do manage to get it done with no add on. That way I can go see the Gay Men at the Barbican. What a Christmas experience it's become. I'd urge you to go see, but it sold out a wee while ago. So, if you got a festive ticket, enjoy.

Annecy-2 days. Hurrah! I can't wait to be on holiday. In the Alps, with mon C. A French Christmas, with his family...fabu!!!

So, as a little Christmas gift, here are Pans People for you...

(I still have 2 front stalls tix for Wicked this Sat night I can't use).


Those are the roasties, which I thought were *extremely* well done (as in finely, rather than over)! And of course there were only the two of us.

Decoration break...

The scene (and table) are now set (for mon C & I)...

The proof of the pudding...note the pleated foil so as to let the steam circulate. The appropriately tied handle to lift from bain marie with ease.

But now, delicious soup over, it's time for the main (while the pudding is steaming)...

Oh, we do Christmas well...more camp decorations!

(do you have a window in your diary for us-and can you spot the plane?)

So, double cooked we cut it loose. My it smells so proofed. We give it a light dusting....

and *whoosh*.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

To Absent Friends

I know it's not Christmas yet, but come the day I always like to remember absent friends. This includes family. Friends and family who can't be with us, or who are no longer with us. Family who loved me, friends who loved me. Whom I loved back. Special people.

Here's my list (in order of oldest memory):

My Granda
My Papa
My Grandma
My Nana

(I hoped I could upload my favourite Christmas song here-especially because it reminds me of being a child with my grandparents. But, I have to make a video first so I can youTube it-anyone know how I can just upload and link an MP3?)

Gone, but *never* forgotten.

December 2009 edit:

Ben and Simon would come off the list; I've so moved on!

Merry Christmas

Busy, busy week at work, and this coming week is going to be even more stupid. I figure it's going to be 18 hour days through to Thursday. Clients become very unreasonable at this time of year, wanting stuff done before Christmas, sometimes for no real reason other than it's a tangible deadline. So, 4 days to do due diligence and exchange contracts on a building that is as complicated as shit because of it's location, on a plate over a city tube station, and the nature of the proposed redevelopment. Totally unreasonable, and unrealistic. And that's just one of the many transactions I have to juggle to the edge of my sanity.... So I was in the office yesterday, of course. But today I'm at home because it's our "Christmas" day today. Without the presents and the Doctor Who special, of course...

As we are in France, in the Alps, for Christmas I thought I should do mon C a traditional British Christmas dinner (he's never had). When we are there we will be having a traditional Christmas Eve meal. Most of the continent celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. That's when the family congregate for a special mean and exchange presents. It wil mean snails, oysters (there might even be frogs' legs-simply because Xfe's parents know I've never had and think I should try. But today it's turkey, all the trimmings and of course...the moment of TRUTH!!

*Seven* months ago we made our Christmas pudding. Since then it's been drinking up more alcohol than Phil Mitchell used to. I'm convinced it's highly explosive, so much so that I don't think I'm going to flame it. Here is how it looks before it gets another two hour+ steaming!

May 30th wow-it's more proofed than Tesco's authentic 6 month alcohol soaked "finest" version!

I'm just away to put it in it's bain marie, but before that I'm off to top up the champagne cocktails. Mon C can't accept that we mix champagne with fresh fruit juice (this year I'm using seasonal tangerine)'s criminal.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Pretty In Pink

Mon C has decorated the camp Christmas tree with my wrapping accessories. See how they match!

Here's the real one he decorated too.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wordy Wrapping Hood

Am I the gayest wrapper (of presents), ever? Look how I use minor Paperchase decorations to accessorize.

M&S "Angel" paper, bough as much as five years ago. Purchased because Simon, partner thought for life at the time was blessed by Angels. And I liked the plain brown wrapping that year.

Accessorized with wire frpm WH Smith, glitter parcels from Asda and jingle bells from Paperchase.

Some parcels for my mother. This time Boots paper from 3 years ago. With ribbon and baubels (is that what they are called) and misc attachments from Paperchase.

More. Look for the stars (hmm, I don't think you can really see them).

So do I get a show with Jane Asher on a UK TV show?

Helsinki 2007

Remember this? well, I got mon C and I some tix. We'll also be at the semi on the Thursday night too!

I just figure you got to do it once in your life, yeah?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dons Just Let One In

Less than 20 mins to go.

Half Time

And Aberdeen just put in a second! With two mins of first half left.

Aberdeen 0-0 Falkirk

I can hardly contain myself. Just missed a goal. Fuck. Aberdeen one up.

Come On The Dons

Average attendance-5,500.

North North Sea



Going to the football with my Dad this afternoon. We've parked down by the University. Here's Kings College. Happy days!

Friday, December 08, 2006

After The Storm

Following yesterday's tornado, we have a lovely sun set in London this evening. I'm off to Scotland for the weekend.


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