Saturday, January 27, 2007

Burns Night Fun

What a mad rush to get ready on time. Because mon C was still away I had to do everything-all the home stuff that he normally manages. I had to vacuum up the cat hairs, make the bathroom sparkle, set the table *and* cook. I didn't have time for a shower... But I smelled sweet anyway. I always do, courtesy of Comme des Garcons.

I couldn't set the table the night before (after all, I didn't want the pussies waling all over it). I should have peeled the tatties and neeps the night before. However I did make the stock for the cock-a-leekie* (on that subject, my guests did remark on how meaty my cock was) the night before.

So, I was still cooking when the guests arrived, but fortunatley, the nice bunch they were, they mixed rather well. I had some old friends (I mean friends of an age, rather than aged) and some new friends. Late 40's to 21. It was fun.

Unfortunatley because of the stress of getting everything done on time, I didn't get the chance to take any pics. But there is one I prepared earlier...

* A fine and traditional Scots appetite stimulant to solid fare. As early as 1598 Fynes Morrison recorded that it was served at a Knight's house with boiling fowl (thus the "cock") and prunes. By the late 18th century, French statesman and gastronome Charles Maurice de Talleyrand opined that the prunes should be cooked with the soup but removed before serving. Ultimately they were removed from the recipe altogether. Sir Walter Scott in St. Ronan's Well cannot help exclaiming: "Such were the cock-a-leekie and the savoury minced collops...."

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CJ said...

That looks yummy and your such a clean cook. No boil over or splatters on the stove. Weren't you exhausted to host after all that work?
"Meaty cock" indeed when ton C gets home. We won't be hearing from you for days.:)


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