Saturday, February 24, 2007

Theatre Time

Horror! For the first time in a long, LONG time I'm without theatre tickets. Usually I have a stock for forthcoming productions-when "Wicked" tickets went on sale last March, for a September opening, I bought 5 sets through to Feb 10th 2007.

But I've dried up. Right now, there's nothing that really takes my fancy you know...

Nevertheless, a trip to the theatre, or a concert, is good for my soul. I do find that it thrills me. And I know I'm in need because the violinist busker at Bond Street tube yesterday was working for me in a very good way.

I need to have a good look at what's on. I think I should look closely at what's happening at the Barbican and the National.

As for Equus, well, I'll see what the reviews say.

Just in case it turns out to be a bum show.

But maybe Daniel Radcliffe will reveal he has hidden talents and real depth as an actor? Actually, word on the street is that Harry Potter is rather good, his portrayal "engrossing" and "impressive".

Equus is on at the Gielgud Theatre, and is currently booking until 9th June


gay boy in london said...

I waited for these pics :P

GB posted but kept me hanging in the air.

I think I wanna go.

Gay banker said...

Honestly czechOUT, fancy posting pics of Potter with his kecks off! FYI, his tackle didn't look quite like that when I saw him on stage. But for what it's worth, I thought it was a good show!

GB xxx

JohnnyFox said...

It's a stunt double in the genital department. Mr Daniel JACOB Radcliffe doesn't have a foreskin.

See my review on for first night antics

John xx


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