Saturday, March 31, 2007

Le Weekend

It's so early again, but I'm wide awake. What is it with waking at 5am? Still it's a Saturday and I could-if I chose to-stay in bed. But I won't because I've got a luncheon party to go to, and the invite said to bring a dish. As Xfe's away, I've no option but to cook something (rather than rely on his good looks, if you thought I meant I needed to rely on his cooking)! So, I'll be up and out to M&S about 9am to buy some chicken fillets to marinate in my (home made) green curry paste, which I'll chargrill just before I leave.

I didn't make the drinks in the Yard last night as planned. Unfortunately work got in the way, and by the time I left the office I was too exhausted to go out drinking, sadly. At about 11pm, when I was in bed, I did get an SMS from one of my friends asking where I was, explaining that my log said that I'd be making an appearance.

Instead I came home with the Evening Standard (which I didn't in fact read) and a bottle of pop. I had a few glasses, but then stopped. I felt a drinking rash coming on.

Is this common? Sometimes when I drink alcohol I get red blotches on my face, which eventually cover my whole face. It's rather bizarre-it will stop at my neck line. However if I continue drinking I can get these patches on my shoulders, maybe my back, arms. Last night, I had one on my left knee. They feel slightly warm (that's how I know it's coming on).

I used to think it was certain red wines. But it's not. Last night I was sipping some vintage champagne, and after 2 glasses I felt it coming on. I don't think it comes on after spirits or beer-usually it is wine. I've noticed it often happens after champagne.

It happens only occasionally, and of course, it's completely cleared by the morning.

I mentioned below in some of the comments about my dream anxiety that I was in no doubt that I wasn't feeling insecure about getting "married" to mon C, and that wasn't the root of the dream. But I'm not so sure-you may have been right. Last night I just caught myself out with the thought that I needed to marry mon C before he changed his mind. It wasn't really a concern, but the fact that I caught that thought tells me that subconsciously it exists.

I did manage to watch some TV last night. I so want to watch a movie, and in particlular I really wanted to watch Nicholas Cassell's Satan. But it's a French movie, and I'll wait until Xfe is home and watch it with him.

Right, I'm going to try and snooze some before I finally get up.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Allons-Y (DW3)

the alien stormtrooper that's really an aul' enemie, in my bathroom

More Galindas & Elphabas

I know, you've seen it all before...

But have you really:

Jillian Giacchi

Idina and Kirsten, again.


And for the first time-the Wizard and (Lie)I...

"And I just had a vision almost like a prophecy... it sounds truly crazy, and true the vision's hazey but I swear someday there'll be a celebration throughout Oz that's all to do with me..."

Such a great voice-that's why we loved Idina in the role.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rainbow High

This week's TimeOut has a feature on London from the air-London, like you've never seen it before.

As I've been posting London pictures recently, I thought I'd add their pics, taken by Andreas Schmidt.

From 30 St Mary Axe (the Gherkin@180m), looking onto Tower42 (@183m):

From Tower42 looking forward onto the building being built that you can see beyond Tower42 in the pic above:

Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs:

And the new Wembley Stadium as built by Multiplex:

The Thames barrier and beyond, the Dome and Canary Wharf behind that:

The Albert Hall and Kensington Gardens with a corner of Hyde Park showing:

Centre Point (@117m), with Oxford Street stretching beyond:

Buck House, favourite of all Queens:

The City again, with its various buildings shown above:

The red brick British Library (modern-ish) and St Pancras, with the new Eurostar terminal from Nov:

And the current Eurostar terminal at Waterloo. With the London Eye (@135m):

The Only Thing To Do Is...


I came home early-ish. Most of my day was taken up in meetings, the last one some 3 hours of negotiating contractual provisions. So my brain was numb. I didn't want to spend another late night in the office, nor was I really inclined to.

So I came home. On the way I visited Itsu for a take-out dynamite noodle miso thing (not as spicy as I had hoped).

Arrived home, ate the noodle, did a quick clean and tidy. czechedOUT the TimeOut aerial London pics you see above this entry. Then wondered what I'd do next.

So I cracked open a bottle of pop, and here I am sitting with a glass of the fizzy stuff, composing sweet nothings.

I'm not inclined to sit down, sit back and watch TV. I'm not the passive type ; ) That said, I'm quite in the mood for Irvine Welsh's Wedding Belles at 10pm on Ch4 (well, it is Scottish and it has someone I like in it, although I forget her name).

I have a tax analysis to do for the charity arts organisation I'm involved with. Now would be an ideal time, but I'm too tired. On that subject, I have a favour to ask of some specific readers. But I'll email you-soon.

Soon it will be the weekend.

I'm meant to be meeting a bunch of friends for drinks in the Yard tomorrow night, and on Saturday I have a luncheon and afternoon drinks party to go to. It will probably extend into the evening as well-except of course I might decide to come home just to watch DW3 (although I'll tivo it).

I'm not going to bore you with "wedding" chat. Anyway, without mon C there's not much to do.

However, if any of you gorgeous creatures could find your way to getting me these gorgeous cyber-creatures...

...aren't they cute? But I don't think they exist. They are made up.

On the subject of LEGO, and from the sublime to the ridiculous, I have another story to tell. Of things we hold near and dear. But, for another time.

ps. I posted this retrospectively. Just to record the memory-I missed the date last month. Happy, special day-details that I remember so, so clearly.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My New Best Friend

...the Radio.

On Monday night I was in my bed about 9pm, listening to the radio. Last night, I was home just about 10pm. Had a bath, went to bed and listened to the radio. Tonight, I'm in bed, listening to the radio.

When I get home late it's just too involved to switch on the TV. I'm so tired anyway that I prefer to just go to bed. I fancy reading, but I don't have much energy to read more than a few pages.

Work is super hectic. But the days/weeks fly by.

Sentimental Songs

Thinking about music for our ceremony, I started thinking aout songs from my childhood, that really take me back, and make me feel slightly...emotional. They remind me of simple times, with my mother, her precious child, and a happy childhood.

First, there's Puff, the Magic Dragon. God, it still brings a lump to my throat-not only because of the associations, but also because it's truly sad. I didn't realise just how tragic it is when I was a child.

Of course, my mother did. For her (as for many parents) was the tragedy that I would grow up. That I couldn't be her little boy forever. And the focus of my world would change.

Then the Rolf Harris version of Two Little Boys. But there my Mum did good. My brother and I are good bothers. I would always (and have in the past) come to his aid, as he would for me. At my revent birthday he made a short speech-and I think my friends were surprised by the honest sentiment of it. That's why my brother will be my civil partnership witness.

Then there's Little Donkey, which makes me cry. My GrandMa had it and I used to play it over, over.

That said, none of these will make the wedding list!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not So Sweet Dreams

Look at the time. I should be asleep. But once again I'm wide awake, thanks to another vivid dream.

I woke up with a start. Rather upset. Something had happened to my boyfriend. Why wasn't he in bed with me?

Loss. Being alone.

In my dream I was no longer with mon C. He had left me. I don't know why. I remember the sense that it probably would be ok, and he probably would come back. But I wasn't sure.

Anyway, in my dream he had moved out temporarily (I hoped it was only temporary, I was cetain that was so). But S appeared at a party I was having. This upset me because here was someone else that I had lost, and I felt the loss. Yet in my dream the sense of loss was really because my bf after S had gone. Yet, it was linked with S. In my dream I knew there was someone else, but not who.

So, when I woke up alone, I thought it was S who was missing, and not mon C. My dream had convinced me of this. It took just a moment to realise S left 2 years ago and that I was-still-with mon C.

I suspect that was an expression of an anxiety about finding myself alone-rather than a desire to be with S!

It didn't end there. Ben, my first bf, whom I was with for just over 5 years before he emigrated, also turned up.

In my dream, mon C and I had been living in a house that is actually my Aunt's house, in Aberdeen. Except it was our house.

I never visualised mon C in the dream, but it was him. Yet it was at the same time an unknown bf-the bf after S. (Yet-I just remembered-in my dream I referred to someone as mon C-I think it was Simon. I remember in my dream thinking it strange because Christophe was the only person I even called mon C).

I sensed we would get back together. I sensed sadness and regret.

So, Simon's appearance in my dream heightened the sense of loss. But, to make it worse-and this is extremely rare-Ben also appeared. And as he did, so did a dear, dear friend Ruthie, who emigrated to Canada about 15 years ago.

In my dream Ruth was expecting to meet Simon, but I had to tell her there was a new bf, but even he had gone.

Simon and Ben got on well in my dream. Ben is tall and dark. Simon is fair-and slightly smaller than Ben. In my dream we were standing outside the kitchen, and Simon had his arm on Ben's shoulder. I remember glimpsing that in my dream and noticing it...feeling something negative about it!

In my dream, as Ben was leaving, I asked him why I never heard from him again. Why there were not even any birthday cards, no Christmas cards. I couldn't understand why. (After he left I never saw nor heard from him again, ever).

I know the dream was about loss, and to an extent regret, rather than being about Simon. Loss of friends, relationships. In real life it is not something I feel I have to worry about with Christophe. Yet, the anxiety, of being alone, suffering loss must be there.

It's probably also a manifestation of feeling alone right now with mon C so far away and for so long.

I know, I'm rambling a bit. But dreams are always hard to set down...and it is 4.35am (and 3.35am in old money, according to my body clock).

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sentimental Songs

Thinking about music for our ceremony, I started thinking aout songs from my childhood, that really take me back, and make me feel slightly...emotional. They remind me of simple times, with my mother, her precious child, and a happy childhood.

First, there's Puff, the Magic Dragon. God, it still brings a lump to my throat-not only because of the associations, but also because it's truly sad. I didn't realise just how tragic it is when I was a child.

Of course, my mother did. For her (as for many parents) was the tragedy that I would grow up. That I couldn't be her little boy forever. And the focus of my world would change.

Then the Rolf Harris version of Two Little Boys. But there my Mum did good. My brother and I are good bothers. I would always (and have in the past) come to his aid, as he would for me. At my revent birthday he made a short speech-and I think my friends were surprised by the honest sentiment of it. That's why my brother will be my civil partnership witness.

Then there's Little Donkey, which makes me cry. My GrandMa had it and I used to play it over, over.

That said, none of these will make the wedding list!


We're also going to be registering our union in France under the PaCS civil union registration. I'm not entirely sure how La France would recognise our UK civil partnership. I should look into it...

I can't wait for our day. Only one and a half months away. I never really felt it was so important emotionally. My focus was the legal consequences and protections afforded to a civil partner. I know Xfe will be secure should I go under a bus, and he will be my next of kin and will decide what happens to what's left behind of me.

But on an emotonal level, where I didn't think it would make a difference, well, I now realise that it will. It's not about security in our relationship. The commitment goes beyond the comfort of security. It's a demonstration of the best, the most that I can give of myself to another, to mon C.

For me the solemnity of making a vow to someone has really made me understand what it is all about.

"I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. I promise to share with you all the good times and bad times. To be your best friend-your support and companion-and to love and respect you always".

I now realise how important such equality is. Look what we were being denied-our basic right to express our love in the most solemn way. And for that love to be recognised. We shouldn't have had to fight for that.

(Look-it's an Auton bride. Amazing. I work Doctor Who into almost everything!)

Spring Has Sprung (Again)

I know it felt like spring was on its way 2 weeks ago. But it got bitterly cold. At least, now, we're on British Summer Time, with an extra hour of light to enjoy in the evening.

Don't you just *love* being in London when it's such a fine day? The sun was out and it felt warm (-ish). Everyone has an air of optimism.

However, I was a little sad because I couldn't share it with mon C. He spent the day wandering the streets of Shanghai. He had a day off.

I wandered along Embankment and the Southbank at lunchtime.

One of my favourite views-the City, old and new. You could see Canary Wharf very clearly (although on the camera phone with no zoom, it is rather far in the distance)..

Tourist season is starting to pick up, and here they are just passing the National Theatre, on their river tour. I love being on the river.

And, here is the NT. Some say a concrete monstrosity, but I think it's fine. It looks especially great at night, bathed in colour. But in the sun, look at the crisp edges, the smoothness of the concrete walls.

The sand sculptor on the river bank was busy again today.

And here, from the other side of the City. The sun was still shining on my way home. It's great to have the extra daylight in the evening-more leisure time.

Now back to Saturday's big event. Click on the pic for a rather interesting article from the Daily Telegraph, on taking Who seriously. It is a rather interesting piece...

I think it identifies one of the reasons why Doctor Who appeals to a gay audience. All that isolation felt in our youth as we start to realise we are different. The stuff of Morrissey lyrics, really. Something to identify with and connect to.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Torchwood Torture?


So, below I suggested possible influences. I mentioned the Avengers. And now, for my 5th episode, which is actually Ep9 They Keep Killing Susie. Wow! And I only thought, They Keep Killing Steed!

So now it is 19:27 and I'm just about to watch Random Shoes.

So you guys, (esp Pr76), give me views....

Am I on course or off? It's the 21st century, but is seems it must all change in the last 4..3...2..1 episodes?

Next Episode

So, I seem to remember posing myself the question: "How Secret Is Torchwood?", given they drive around in an SUV emblazoned with at least two Torchwood logos.

So, I'm now watching Ep7. Some driftwood from 1812 (the Napoleonic era-not yet sure if that is significant) approaches Absolutely Fabulous' Titikaka and surprises her by telling her she works for Torchwood.

TitiK is Shocked! Why it's top secret-how can she know about TW?

"There's stuff on the internet. But you have to dig really deep."

Or else, see them in their SUV "Torchwood" emblazoned Passion Wagon (Not to be confused with the original Passion Wagon where Scooby Doo's gang hang tough).

And in Greeks we have a UNIT reference and a call to the PM. Is this going to be Saxon that series 3 Doctor Who has to deal with? I'm so confused...

Torchwood Progress

It's 13:44 and I've just finished my first Torchwood episode.

I skipped to Ep3, having watched 1 and 2 when they premiered, and not wanting to watch them again. All I needed to take from them was the Doctor's hand (cut off as Earth's champion when battling the Sycorax), and that Cap'n Jack is really Paul Metcalfe (there might be a prize for anyone who can work than one out-but you have to be an uber-geek I think).

JB is a ham. A ripe ham. But the years have been good to him. Still, small doses. Hence going off in the middle of the episode and cutting my hair.

I'll skip ep4 (Cyberwoman) 'cos I saw it already and it wasn't briliant. The cyberwoman was poorly realised...So it's off to "Small Worlds".


So Cap'n Jack ("CJ") told Gwyneth in Ep3 that he never sleeps. And yet at the beginning of Ep5 we see him sleeping, having a nightmare. Hmm.

But it's something to do with the Mara. Thanks Tegan. Old DW ref1.

So CJ was also in 1909 LaHore. Why doesn''t Gywneth ask him why he was alive in WWII and before. But we know how CJ came to be in WWII, but not 1909.

And they drive around in a 4 wheel drive emblazoned with "Torchwood", so they're not secret, then?

It's now 15:12 and I've just finished Ep5, the second one I've watched. IN between this one...I made some soup.

Thrilling stuff!?


It's Countrycide, the 3rd episode I'm watching (I'm onto DVD2), Ep5. And I'm wonderful to be able to create. I mean to have the vision and the resources. Then to see it realised. RTD had a notion about Torchwood. They no doubt had discussions, and equally doubtless round the table people were saying "yeah".

RTD: "So, they come to this deserted village. It's a bit Avengers like in the deserted sense-with a mystery. But there's something worse"

JulieG: "Yeah and CJ is reacting like...."

And then 9 months later it's created and realised.

Me...all I do is put down ideas here.

So far, in relation to Countrycide (and TW generally) I'm tasting Survivors, the Town of No Return Avengers style. Sapphire and Steele and wet plimsoles!

So, back to the DVD at 15:40.

16:31-so was that anything to do with aliens? Anyway, no more Dr Who cross over it's onto Ep7-Greeks Bearing Gifts.

Music Choice

What about music for our CP? Two pieces to choose, one each...

I already know what I want at my funeral, but I will have to choose one carefully for the celebration of my commitment and respect to mon C.

Today, well like I said, Torchwood marathon, I'm going to make some thai soup, and that's about it.

If I get bored with Torchwood (likely) I might take a trip out, buy a DVD. I want to get Satan.

A Willy, Woolmer?

Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan cricket coach, was strangled in his hotel room hours after Pakistan was eliminated from the World Cup.

A post-mortem examination established that he died as a result of "manual strangulation".

Speculation abounds that his murder was linked to Asian betting syndicates and match fixing, particularly because of rumours that he had written a whistle blowing book.

Against that background recent statements have been issued:

"To the best of the family's knowledge, there is absolutely nothing to suggest Bob was involved in match-fixing," explained his agent.

"Contrary to reports, we can confirm there is nothing in any book Bob has written that would explain this situation and there were no threats received."


There were no signs of forced entry at his hotel room and none of his possessions was taken.

Woolmer is also believed to have been found half-naked, partially wrapped in a towel (also reported as wearing only a towel around his waist).


Hmm. I doubt I'd welcome someone into my hotel room to discuss "business" wearing only a towel. I might let them into my room, but I'd dress fairly swiftly.

There is another famous vice of sportsmen-sex.

It is not unusual before, during or after a sexual encounter to be semi-naked...

Kinky sex game or shameful sexual secret gone wrong, anyone?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Dream, Dream

On Wednesday night I had that dream again.

I was back in Aberdeen, temporarily. I was still living in London, with a job at the same law firm there. But for some reason I was working day to day in the Scottish firm I used to work for. I was undecided whether I should continue, or go back to the London firm.

In my dream I was confused where I lived. I knew I had a home, but I couldn't remember whether it was- in Aberdeen or in London. I was thinking about buying a second home in Aberdeen, but I still couldn't remember where the flat I owned was.

I woke up confused, not really sure where I was living (ABZ or LDN), and what kind of place I lived in. It took a little thinking to remember reality.

Last night I dreamed I shared a flat with Billie Piper, and David Tennent had moved in (as her lover). He was my mate. But they had split up, and I wasn't sure if he was going to move out. In the end he decided to stay, to get back with Billie, and I was happy. 'Cos we were good mates!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ring, Ring

Our rings are ready, but there's no point going to collect until mon C is here. We have to have a final fitting (and then engraved).

Busy, busy at work. This week has flown by. In particular I have one technically difficult deal, complicated by some other considerations. Then I have another (apparently) pressingly urgent deal, complicated by the lack of co-ordination on the technical side, that I find myself having to deal with.

I have a new trainee to organise. Tim. He's Irish.

Home later than usual, and early nights in bed.

Tonight I made delicious dinner for myself. Some linguine, extra vierge olive oil, fresh raw, red chilli, a little garlic. Prawn, corriander, arbroath smoked salmon. Yum yum. Washed down with a glass of pop-my first since the weekend.

Now I'm either ready for bed, or on the lookout for a hot date (with a DVD).

I have *no* plans for the weekend. So, like I said. I'll make it Torchwood.

Did I ever mention I had an... encounter with John Barrowman over 10 years ago? But then again, who hasn't...?

Meanwhile, the hunt for our wedding day outfits go on...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Tale of Two Galindas

Once Upon A Time...

(and this is a great clip by the way-watch it before it's taken off)

on Broadway, Glinda the Good (Kristin Chenoweth), and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West (Idina Menzel).

And in London's West End

We had Idina and Helen Dallimore.

Helen Dallimore will play her final performance as 'Glinda' on Saturday 14 July 2007. Helen has been invited to star as 'Glinda' in the 2008 Australian premiere production of WICKED.

From Monday 16 July 2007, the role of 'Glinda'will be played by Dianne Pilkington.

When Autons Attack

My pussies got a fright tonight. Them plastic mannequins got themselves some Nestine consciousnesss, and wanted to pick a fight with some Cybermen.

In the sensible world, the Ood and Clockwork Man are staying in their packaging until they're very collectable and sell at a huge premium.

And it's official. Doctor Who series 3 (or 29) starts Staurday 31 March at 7pm.

Can't wait until I have my own Judoon platoon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Theatre Time, 2

Somewhere, recently I was bemoaning the fact that we had no theatre visits coming up.

As you know, I'm rather partial to an evening sitting in the dark in the stalls...Now it's sorted!

I'm invited as a VIP guest to the press night of The Thing About Men on the 30 April, at the King's Head theatre in Islington. Alas, I'm no VIP. However it is the show I've invested in. And although it's unlikely I'm actually going to be able to go see it, I *urge* you to go see it. I might even get some of my £-000's back (but I doubt it).

So you'll understand if I plug it... (but not here. Later).

On May 5 we're off to the Donmar to see Kiss of the Spider Woman. I'm very excited about going to see this. With Rupert Evans and Ian Glen, it's an intricate and powerful portrayal of two men who are forced to share a cell in a Latin American jail. One is a young Marxist rebel punished for his ideals, the other a romantic fantasist condemned for his sexuality. Through the glamorous world of the movies, an unlikely relationship is formed that offers both men the hope of survival.

Then on May 7 we're off to the Barbican to take in Diamanda Galás, an American-born avant-garde performance artist, vocalist, keyboardist and composer. Known for her distinctive, operatic voice, which has a three and a half octave range, Galás has been described as "capable of the most unnerving vocal terror".

That is something which promises to be altogether different. I'm in two minds whether to seek out her stuff and listen, or just be totally surprised...

Galás previous work includes Defixiones, Will and Testament for solo voice, piano, and tape. The performance is "an angry meditation on genocide and the politically cooperative denial of it, in particular the Turkish and American denial of the Armenian, Assyrian, and Anatolian Greek genocides from 1914 to 1923". See what I mean?

Then on 18 May (a back in London in between honeymoon couple of days), we're off to the National to see A Matter of Life and Death, a new stage version of the well known movie which starred David Niven. I'm sure you know the one. A WWII airman jumps to his death (in black and white), only to discover that he can return to Earth for a second technicolour chance.

But that depends on whether we are going to be in town. As does seeing the potato actress 59 year old "Dame" Elaine Paige in her (no doubt "triumphant") return to the west end, since her last outing in 2000 in the King and I.

Actually, The Drowsy Chaperone will probably suit her very well.

The show is an homage to American musicals of the Gatsby era, focusing on Man in Chair, a vaguely depressive Broadway fanatic whose coping mechanism involves listening repeatedly to a recording of a 1928 stage show, The Drowsy Chaperone. When he first turns on his phonograph and static breaks from the speakers, he wistfully tells the audience, "I love that sound. To me, that’s the sound of a time machine starting up." By the time the first note sails out of his speakers, he's been transported to a magical dream world, one where the actors in the recording enter his dingy apartment and transform it into a gloriously garish set complete with seashell footlights, sparkly peacocks, glittery sugarplum trees, and costumes that would put the Ice Capades to shame.

The show-within-a-show centers on a vain showgirl, who is about to marry a man she only just met, and her cigar-chomping producer, who doesn’t want to lose his valuable starlet. What follows is a pastiche of every cliched plot thread ever written, including mistaken identity, spit-takes, and gangsters on the lam, involving such campy characters as an all-knowing English butler, a Latino Lothario, and a daffy, cartwheeling heroine. Watching from his armchair, Man in Chair is torn between his desire to absorb every moment of the play as it unfolds and to insert his own personal footnotes as he continuously brings the audience in and out of the fantasy.

Then, skip to 23 June, and we're back at the National to see Rafta, Rafta...with Meera Syal.

Now, that seems quite enough to be getting on with. Except, I do want to see Wicked one more time...

Just before Helen Dallimore leaves.

And, just because these seem to get taken off, here's another, pretty good quality US defying gravity moment. See why it's so great?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Back Home, Bored

Well, how much did I fit into that wee weekend in Warsaw? Too much!

Polish bars, Polish food, Polish drink, Polish food, and some shopping. For Polish music, of course. And Polish theatre.

Because of one of the projects I'm working on right now, I'm really into shopping centres. I'm aware of a whole load of stuff I never appreciated before. So we visited the brand new centre that's opened in Warsaw, Złote Tarasy (yes, it even has it's own wiki entry). It's very impressive.

Then we went to the theatre. Saw Romeo i Julia (you've guessed-Romeo & Juliette. There's a clip you can watch here. But get this-the best thing. Our front stalls tickets cost...15 zloty. That's £2 (less than $4). What a hoot!

Then we had dinner at Dr Piotr's place. Then we went out, and out and we found ourselves surrounded with Polish company.

My friend K's boyfriend (also a Polish orthopaedic surgeon) is a real fine looking pole. He looks rather like John Barrowman.

Poland is hugely catholic. There are many, many young priests. It's an honour to be a priest. They are so respected. There are many young priests-and there are many young, gay priests. In the countryside they do their priestly thing. Then they head to Warsaw to... forget about being a priest.

Being so religious accounted for why the Poles loved John Paul 2. There are 3 movies/tv movies that are doing big time in Poland at the moment. One is simply called "JP2". They also like the current Pope (the evil one), because he was a friend of JP2.

We had a hoot googling "evil pope" and showing our Polish pals! They found it rather unfunny. We didn't. Just look at this guy. What's he contemplating here, I wonder?

So, anyway. It gets boring without mon C here. I find myself with not much to do. I tend to go to bed real early.

This weekend I'm going to watch Torchwood. I realise with 2 weeks to go until DW3 I need to work out the arcs that will pass back from Torchwood to Doctor Who. I need to understand the relevance of Mr Saxon (to season 3 what Bad Wolf was to 1, and Torchwood was to 2-watch out for references-just look out for the "Vote Saxon" poster behing Martha in this trailer).

And I can't believe those Judoon you see (and below left) are *not* the Sontarans (below right).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

At The Doctors

Back at Dr Piotr's place for dinner. Then we have VIP tickets (no, don't get excited. Really don't ) for the local downtown gay club.

And today we went to the theatre. Romeo i Julia. It was, energetic. They had costumes and martial arts and a motorbike. Body popping, break dancing. And, it was...Polish.

Catch it here.

Good Night Warsaw

Friday, March 16, 2007


Now there's a pretty pic from our visit to Straford (2012 Olympics) in London's east end a couple of weekends ago.

Off for the weekend...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We Weather Heather

So, "Lady" Pebble Mill McCartney thinks the press are out to get her?

Where's her evidence?

Just because they all choose to use *minging* pictures of her?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cats For Company

Ouch! Didn't leave the office until after 9.45pm this evening. Had to get a report and advice out...

So now I'm showered, I've done a lite-clean (oh I *do* miss mon C), and I'm feeling too alert to go to bed just yet. But, the longer I stay up the more tempted I am to pop the pop cork and have a glass of fizz, and some olives, or pickled onions.

More DVD's today. The Queen, History Boys and Pan's Labrynth, I'll probably wait until mon C's back before we watch them.

I'm off to Warsaw this weekend. I think my pal's organising tickets for Romeo & Juliet (a musical, though not the French one)...but it will be in Polish. Mind you, I kind of know the story.

I heard from mon C this morning. No sooner did he arrive in Beijing and he was off to Chengdu

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Could It Be Boredom?

God, I find I'm so bored on my own. There is a little loneliness, but it's more boredom, without mon C. There are things that I could do, but I can't be bothered. I was out with some colleagues this evening, for example. I found myself standing there, not really feeling obligated to speak of nothing in particular.

I do find that I love the company of my friends. Real, good friends-longtime friends. There are a few other people-newish friends- I see from time to time who genuinely interest me and whose company I enjoy. But apart from them I find I have no inclination to socialise with others. And certainly not for the sake of it.

So I'll probably have lots of early nights in bed, reading, listening to the radio...ah, the best!

Livraisons Bisous

Ah, Molton the Rabbit.

This evening when I got home, there were "kisses delivery" from mon C via Molton, even though Xfe is heading ever east at about 38,000 feet.

I'm shattered today. I woke up about 1.45am last night and didn't sleep again until about 3.45pm. I listened to the radio. Songs about hippos and things. For schools, but bizarre nevertheless.

I sent off my nephew's birthday presents today. 4 Dr Who DVDs, a tin dalek filled with sweets and a season 2 Dr Who action figure. I sent my mother her mothers' day card, and organised the other Molton to beliver some lovely handwash.

Give, and you shall receive...and today 2 French movies arrived. I had to laugh at one of them, though. If I'd seen it in the shop I'd have put it down (well, perhaps not even picked it up). It's selling review quote is "the hottest sex scenes of all". Whatever. Maybe save it for a rainy day.

CP plans this week-I just got to put in a request for extra holiday for wedding/honeymoon leave. Probably leave it until Friday when my boss is back. But the thought of 3 weeks, just mon C and I, travelling and together. That's special enough for me.

Meanwhile, on the subject of what to wear...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Weekend That Was

We seem to be getting into bad habits! Yesterday we went for a very unhealthy full english breakfast at the local caff. Bought some papers, went back to bed and read them. Snoozed...and stuff. Watched some TV, ordered in pizza. Watched some more TV and went to bed.

Today, at least, was more purposeful. We went to the Face of Fashion exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. We got in for free-which was just as well, I would have been...disappointed to have had to pay £8 each to see a rather modest exhibition, about a third of which were pictures of Kate Moss.

Then we had some lunch, did a little shopping. Came home, watched Superman Returns, and now this.

Mon C is doing some ironing, and getting ready to pack. He's off to China tomorrow...

For me, I'll have a busy week at work, then I'm off to Warsaw to catch up with best friend at the weekend.

18, 25, 31...that's still 3 weeks until season 3 Doctor Who.

On the CP front, not much to organise. Our rings are ordered. I know what I'll have engraved inside mon C's. I think he has to decide for me... We're not planning to dress up, but already I know I will buy something special to wear. But I'm not sure what I'll end up with. I don't really want a suit. I wear them each day. I will have to think about that.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Could Be Platinum

Our rings. So Planet of Fire.

Fixing The Date

I give you this ring-as a symbol of my love. I promise to share with you-all the good times and the bad times-to be your best friend-your support and companion-and to love and respect you always.

Boy, the difficulties we had finding a time to fit in our partnership ceremony. On reflection we realised that my birthday party in Paris would have been the ideal opportunity. All our friends and family would be present. But by the time we realised this, it was too late. We couldn't see the registrar to give our notice before Xfe went to Singapore, and by his return we were out of time.

So rather than invite everyone to get together with us again, so soon after, and rather than wait until next year, we decided that we'd get the legal part of it out of the way, and celebrate later. Eventually we narrowed it down to two preferred dates, but once again I realised that the clock was against us for the first (and my preferred) date.

Helpfully, the registrar was able to give us an appointment only two days later. And when we saw her today, she couldn't have been nicer. So we have given notice and we've fixed our ceremony...for 9 May 2007.

We are having a private ceremony. The two of us (of course), and our witnesses-my brother and Xfe's best friend. No one else is allowed to come to the ceremony. After we're having lunch at the OXO tower restaurant. Then on the 10th we're off on honeymoon. To Helsinki then probably on to La Reunion.

And then next year, we'll invite our friends and family to join us to "celebrate our civil partnership".

Now that it's organised, I'm *so* much more excited than I thought I would be.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Reaming With Gilbert & George

Reaming is a process which slightly enlarges a pre-existing hole to a tightly toleranced diameter. A reamer is similar to a mill bit in that it has several cutting edges arranged around a central shaft, as shown below. Because of the delicate nature of the operation and since little material is removed, reaming can be done by hand. Reaming is most accurate for axially symmetric parts produced and reamed on a lathe.

Mon C and I did the Gilbert & George exhibition at the Tate Modern this Sunday afternoon.

In Room 9 there's a piece of their work from 1982 entitled "Reaming". As I was looking at it, a gentleman in his late 50s came up to me and asked if I spoke English. I said I did. He explained he was French, and asked me if I could tell him what "reaming" meant. The funny thing is that no more than 2 minutes before I had heard an elderly foreign lady ask the same question of two other gentlemen, so I'd already thought that if I'd been asked I would give an honest answer.

In this case I was able to do so immediately, and in French. I explained (albeit in French, hence the slight akwardness in word choice:

"It's a sexual act between two men, when one man sucks [on the spot I couldn't think of the French word for lick, nor the phrase for inserting one's tongue into] the hole of the ass of the other."

The gentleman was rather bemused, and well understood (although I don't think that he was familiar with the concept)!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


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