Saturday, March 24, 2007

Torchwood Progress

It's 13:44 and I've just finished my first Torchwood episode.

I skipped to Ep3, having watched 1 and 2 when they premiered, and not wanting to watch them again. All I needed to take from them was the Doctor's hand (cut off as Earth's champion when battling the Sycorax), and that Cap'n Jack is really Paul Metcalfe (there might be a prize for anyone who can work than one out-but you have to be an uber-geek I think).

JB is a ham. A ripe ham. But the years have been good to him. Still, small doses. Hence going off in the middle of the episode and cutting my hair.

I'll skip ep4 (Cyberwoman) 'cos I saw it already and it wasn't briliant. The cyberwoman was poorly realised...So it's off to "Small Worlds".


So Cap'n Jack ("CJ") told Gwyneth in Ep3 that he never sleeps. And yet at the beginning of Ep5 we see him sleeping, having a nightmare. Hmm.

But it's something to do with the Mara. Thanks Tegan. Old DW ref1.

So CJ was also in 1909 LaHore. Why doesn''t Gywneth ask him why he was alive in WWII and before. But we know how CJ came to be in WWII, but not 1909.

And they drive around in a 4 wheel drive emblazoned with "Torchwood", so they're not secret, then?

It's now 15:12 and I've just finished Ep5, the second one I've watched. IN between this one...I made some soup.

Thrilling stuff!?


It's Countrycide, the 3rd episode I'm watching (I'm onto DVD2), Ep5. And I'm wonderful to be able to create. I mean to have the vision and the resources. Then to see it realised. RTD had a notion about Torchwood. They no doubt had discussions, and equally doubtless round the table people were saying "yeah".

RTD: "So, they come to this deserted village. It's a bit Avengers like in the deserted sense-with a mystery. But there's something worse"

JulieG: "Yeah and CJ is reacting like...."

And then 9 months later it's created and realised.

Me...all I do is put down ideas here.

So far, in relation to Countrycide (and TW generally) I'm tasting Survivors, the Town of No Return Avengers style. Sapphire and Steele and wet plimsoles!

So, back to the DVD at 15:40.

16:31-so was that anything to do with aliens? Anyway, no more Dr Who cross over it's onto Ep7-Greeks Bearing Gifts.

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