Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Love/Hate America

I'm just back after my 3 day mini-break in DC.

As you know, I went to take part in a charity walk with American friends, to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (more of which later). It was, however, a moving experience.

It was a joy to see my friends again and to meet their "new" families - in the 10 years since my last visit so many new children have appeared.

On Saturday night, after the walk, the extended family went back to M's place (M is the son) where I was staying, and we played Dance Dance Revolution on the X-Box. That's the one where you dance on a mat following the steps the computer tells you to dance to. What a hoot! Those 18 years since we all first met just rolled back and it was just like we were back having the fun we did (the 3 youngest kids and me - there's about 5 years between us all) on the various cruises we did on their boat, and the other journeys and trips I took with them and their family.

Show & Tell

One of the best things about my visits (the last trip may have been 10 years ago, but between 1988 - 1997 I probably visited about 15 times) is that although I fit in some tourist stuff, I live life as part of an (extended) American family. I get to do things that are part of their culture, as Americans would experience them. And this time was no different.

pumpkin patch

On Monday the youngest daughter of my former roommate had a show and tell at school.

Show and tell is the process of showing an audience something and telling them about it, usually done in a classroom. It is an elementary school technique for teaching young children the skills of public speaking. Usually, a child will bring an item from home. They will explain to the class why they chose this item, where they got it, and other relevant information.

I was her show and tell! (No food, nothing electronic or breakable, and make sure it fits in a backpack). She is 4th grade (9 years old), so after her mother checked with the teacher whether it would be OK - and how it so was - the class were told that a Scottish man visiting from London would be coming to speak to them in the afternoon about Scotland and London.

I spoke for about 20 minutes, asking them questions as I went along (well, that's how I imagined it would be from all the US TV shows I've ever seen it done on, given that is my only experience of it). Did anyone know where London was? What you might see if you went to London? Who the Queen was, what money we used...etc. I had various UK notes to pass round, they could see the watermarks (relatively new on higher value US notes).

It was such fun!

I went to see her son's (ice) hockey game. He plays for the Navy team, and although they are only 12 years old or thereabouts, and small, I was surprised that they still got a little physical on the ice.

Go Navy!

Being the US, even if you loose you still win. Fortunately, though, their team won. Their first in 4 games.

I hadn't been to the US in over 10 years because there are so many other places to go. I fell in love with Europe again, then Bush Jnr came along, and can you blame me? But it was most encouraging to hear that he is so disliked in the US.

I could go on about it, but America is so full of contradictions. Sometimes it may seem superficial - the politeness is beyond belief - but it's not always only skin deep.

Still, if you thought Desperate Housewives wasn't for real...

suburban dream

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007


At the Carlton Club. I feel right at home!

Wow! What a dinner it was. I was dining at the invitation of clients who were hosting a dinner there. In the Disraeli Room-there were about 15 of us, including 2 MPs, a former minister, a smattering of Knights...and plain old me!

Anyway, today I'm off to the US. Ahoj!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Český Krumlov II

Remember this?

Well, this evening it's Hostel Part2. And it's the ladies turn.

So far I've watched a woman bathe, Bathory style in a virgin's blood. Well actually she lay naked in a bath underneath the nubile naked American girl and slashed her with a scythe, caressing her own breasts as the virgin's blood poured over them. Pre-orgasmic she then cut open the girl's throat and reached...down below, getting totally wet.

It's no surprise they don't mention in the official tourism site that this beautiful Czech town doubles for Slovakia in the goriest of movies.

Come and get tortured in pretty CK! Thank heavens I went there before I watched these movies - and came back to tell the tale.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bad Habits

It's almost 3.30pm and I've realised, after cleaning the windows - the low sun really shows them badly - and doing other chores, that I'm starving. All that I've digested is the glass of red wine to accompany the lunch I ended up not cooking because I phoned my parents instead... and chatted and chatted, then forgot about cooking.

these dirty windows drive me batty....

now, that is better...

And now I can't really be bothered cooking. Instead I might have another glass of red wine. Such a bad habit.

Another is that I've just put the heating on because I'm feeling a little chilly in my t-shirt with 3 windows and the front door all wide open. Surely it would be simpler to close them all? Or put on a jumper? Maybe, but I'm Scottish. I enjoy the fresh air (though be assured, if mon C was here the windows would all be closed as would the front door. Heating might be on, it might not. But we'd be sitting under a blanket for sure!)

Coming back to the red wine...well remember, it's the case I bought for Christmas. The one I was going to keep.

drinking these wines is good for your brain, especially if you think about the tasting notes.

I have to admit, the couple I've tasted so far are delicious. So good that I had to join the Sunday Times wine club again using a variation of name, address and a different card just so I could purchase the introductory offer again! Another bad habit.

woooh! plenty more where these came from. just watch this space.

Girl Unafraid

Once again I've nabbed this from P76

Tegan (played by Janet Fielding) was my favourite "modern" assistant (for me that's post Pertwee - which includes Sarah-Jane, of course - classic Who).

But I also love the track. It's Girl Anachronism by The Dresden Dolls, whose original video you can find here.

I'd love to have the time and skill to do stuff like this. It's cool.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What A Difference A Stylist Makes

Just czechOUT Italian rugby boy Andrea Marcato, this quinzaine's Dieux du Stade.

Here he is when he thought BB (the game with the hoops) was his forte. Though he kept missing the hoop... for some reason his shots kept veering off to the left...

Maybe something to do with that lazy look (in his left eye).

But you know, squints drive me wildly pliable - I think that they are ever *so* sexy.

And so to Mr. 16-31 October. Is he just halloween scary, or trick and treat?

Cold Perrier

Monday night I was at the Bleeding Heart Restaurant for dinner. Mmm - and the food was great too!

That said, a double espresso at 11.30pm meant I didn't get zzzzz's until about 2am, only to end up awake about 3.30am 'cos I had a stomach too full of rich food.

Work isn't much fun because I'm overloaded trying to get everything I need done before I finish off a week today for America.

Still, Halloween's Coming and I started buying some treats for us to enjoy. Mon C's back from Tel Aviv on Monday 29, and I get back from US on 30. So we can enjoy a creepy halloween here together.

I bought some sweets for the kids of the friends I'm going to visit in the US. Some shortbread for their parents and the Colonel and Mrs R. I think I'll bring them over a Molton Brown set for each of them too - quite British, and rather nice...and if I'm buying £200 approx of their product, maybe they will throw some freebies in for me!!

I've started buying wine for Christmas. I bought a case from Sunday Times Wine Club, and one from Virgin Wine Club.

Cute Bottoms

Somewhere on this blog you'll find a pic of Xfe in his underpants. And you might remember how much I appreciate his bottom!

Made in Scotland: supercute

However, each day an even more startling bottom is thrust upon me.

That is to say, one of the trainees on my floor wears the tightest of suits and has the pertest of bottoms that is so tight in his trousers. I can almost tell what make of underwear he portes.

Now, whilst I would love to share it with you, that is the kind of thing that just might get me in trouble at work if discovered. It would be plain sexual harassment of course.

However he's about 6'3", sporty, dashing handsome with meedja hair. Right now he seems to be suffering some type of sporting injury...

Stitch 'N Bitch

For Howard, and people similarly inclined, like my Mum before her arthritis took it away from her...

I Knit London.

You can of course just buy your wool.

And now that winter will soon be upon us I'll post the pic of the Aran sweater my mum made for me when I take it down from storage...


OK...each year I'm invited to the US to take part in a charity walk for the grandson/nephew of very good friends. Except each year they ask me 2 weeks before it's happening. At which time it is too difficult to make it over.

But this year I was given plenty advance notice.

Just so you know..these people were the most generous, friendly, welcoming friends I could ever have imagined.

So with more than 2 week's notice. I'm off to walk with them to raise funds for the charity raising funds to fight the leukemia that affected their family.

At work I hate asking for sponsorship. The secretaries work overtime to make ends meet....

I will donate... equivalent to my spend. It's only fair.

But could I ask...GB. cuteCTgut, BV...might you each offer £5?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hills Are Alive

With the sound of musicals.

You all know that I love my musical theatre. Here's a selection of what I'm collecting when I visit the US.

Now, if my very str8 friends look to see what's arrived, d'ya think they might work out I'm your average gay guy... or drama fag?


* 1 of: Jekyll & Hyde Resurrection
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: Grey Gardens - A New Musical (2006 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: The Drowsy Chaperone (2006 Original Broadway Cast) [Extra tracks]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: A Chorus Line - The New Broadway Cast Recording (2006 Broadway Revival Cast) [Extra tracks]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: Evil Dead: The Musical (2006 Original Off-Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: Company (2006 Broadway Revival Cast)
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: Curtains (2007 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: High Fidelity (2006 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: 110 in the Shade (2007 Broadway Revival Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: The Pirate Queen (2007 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: Altar Boyz (2005 Original Off-Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: Music from le Serpent Rouge
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: Hairspray (Soundtrack to the Motion Picture) [Soundtrack] [Enhanced]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: Jesus Christ Superstar (Original London Concept Recording) [Cast Recording] [Original recording remastered]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: The Rothschilds: A Musical (1970 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: A Little Night Music (1973 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: Children Of Eden (1998 New Jersey Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: Hair: Original Soundtrack Recording - Special Anniversary Edition [Cast Recording] [Original recording remastered] [Original recording reissued] [Extr
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: The Light in the Piazza (2005 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
# 1 of: Jane Eyre, the Musical (Original 2000 Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: The Wild Party (Lippa) (2000 Off-Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: Legally Blonde (2007 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: Bernarda Alba (2006 Original Off-Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: I Love You Because (2006 Original Off-Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording]
Sold by:, LLC
* 1 of: See What I Wanna See (2005 Original Off-Broadway Cast) [Soundtrack]
Sold by:, LLC

I Do My Bit

I have been invited to attend a Trick or Treat function at the White House, on the lawn. (For the life of me I doubt GWB will be there...)

The connection is that my former roommate is married to one of his physicians (US Army). It's for kids whose parents are staff and I've been asked because I'll be there and I can be cleared for a pass.

But you know what? As much as I'd love to be pic'd on the lawn with Laura, I *despise* the GWB Administration. I am so not political, yet I have NO time for Bush.

I wouldn't be going to the US except for the request made by my friends. (I'm doing a charity walk - and there's no way I'd ask for sponsorship from my colleagues at work (such a drag), I'm giving a personal donation...but as I type I'm thinking, hey blog bitches....want to (no-will you) donate?)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Out For The Weekend

I went on a surprise trip to Istanbul this weekend. Friday I got into work, decided that I should do something better than a homo alone in mon C's absence.

Istanbul Saturday morning, back last night.

So tired.

Coffee anyone?

Friday, October 12, 2007

More Mauve Sunset

Wow. Last night, the view of the sunset over the Thames, on Southwark Bridge was spectacular. Here are some pics taken on my phone.

purple sky1

I was on my way to an Alumni reception at my former firm.

purple sky 2

Alas though, it was mon C's last night at home before leaving for Paris en route to Tel Aviv. I don't think he's meeting with Asaf Avnet this time, but I might be wrong...who knows.


Actually, I think he's there to train people rather than on glamorous location with sexy models. But even if he is...he can't wait to come home to me!


So, Prince has been and gone. He would have loved this purple sunset.


Purple sky and purple river.


Thank heaven's the post people went back to work for a few days. I managed to get my weekend viewing - Fantastic 4 - The Rise of the Silver Surfer. Could be platinum.


Off to America 2 weeks today. It's for charity, but I can't help to spend. I know I need it like a hole in the head, but I'm thinking I should take the opportunity of 2 for 1 ($ to £) to buy a new MacBook just for traveling -maybe a black one-though I don't really like the black. But if I buy white how will it look any different from this one?


The iPod Touch looks great. I went to the Apple Store on Regent Street yesterday afternoon. It was all I could do to contain myself from buying one there and then. Instead I bought a cover for my iPod Nano video - the one I've never used. I thought it was 'cos I didn't have protection for it. But now I do, I just can't work out what to load it with.

I hate having to make decisions in my private life. My £65 barber asks me if I prefer a tapered (natural) or squared nape. Fcuk sake-make the decision for me. That's what my clients pay me for. I can't I want a coffee (will hairs get in it)? Decide for me.


Yup, I know that I have a serious problem here. But my mind is saturated to the extent of fatigue for making decisions for others. So please, take a little responsibility yourself. Yes, I'll have it in a plastic bag if you think it won't cause global warming.

Anyway...lovely sunset, huh?

Purple Sky

I was on my way to a reception, where I bumped into a couple of my former trainees...

yup...the office *is* right next door to Cannons City, so you probably did see them there. I know W works out there.
more trainees
neither is the brother of Asaf Avnet, I can assure you.

Both now qualified. One corporate, the other real estate.

Halloween's Coming

halloween's coming

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Purple Sunset

Purple Sky
The perfect purple sky and river this evening.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

If Coming Or I'm Going Don't Know I

waiting at yet another airport with mon C. Strange-it's a rather off centre pic. Must have been the new camera.

Organising our social life tends to be rather difficult because of Xfe's work schedule. Typically he knows reasonably well in advance when he'll be out of the country.

Because his office is in Paris, he usually reports there at the beginning and at the end of each trip. Usually the day before he goes and the first day he gets back. He often flies at the weekend in which event has to be in Paris for the Friday morning on his way out, and on Monday morning on his way back.

On such occasions he will actually leave London on the Thursday and come back on the Monday. It's these "extra" days that he's not very good at telling me about. On the other hand these are the times I'll go to Paris, either with him, or to meet him.

One of my very dear friends is having her 40th birthday party in Glasgow. She wasn't going to have it on the day of her birthday (the 27th October) because her brother couldn't manage and neither could I. I'm off to the US for the weekend to take part in a leukemia fundraising walk with my former Baltimore roommate and her family.

Last weekend she told me she was having her party on the 10th November, which was great news because

(a) Xfe is home and we can both go
(b) it gives us the chance to visit with another friend in Glasgow that we said we'd visit soon, and
(c) it doesn't clash with the other social events in my calendar.

No sooner had I booked the tickets, she told me there was a problem with the 10th. I was cursing because the 17th now suggested was no good for Xfe-he flies off to Tel Aviv that morning. But also because by then I'd bought us 1st class return train tickets to Glasgow for the weekend of the 10th.

Xfe flies so often that sometimes it's nice to take the slightly less hectic option (and I only think that works going 1st on the train-especially coming back on a Sunday).

So, I'll now be making my way back up to Glasgow myself the following weekend. This time I'll go BA.

Looking at my diary I now only have the next 2 weekends free until after Christmas.

On 26 October I'm off to America. The weekend after I'm in Tel Aviv. Then we have our weekend in Glasgow, and I have the following weekend in Glasgow. The next weekend I'm off to Aberdeen for my cousin's 40th birthday celebration. The first weekend in December I was going to be visiting Xfe in Geneva. But he's now going to be held up in Tel Aviv so instead my mother's coming to visit to do some Christmas shopping. That takes me to the second weekend in December, when I'll be rendez-vousing with mon C in Paris on his way back from Geneva. Then 2 weeks before Christmas we'll go visit Xfe's family in Annecy given he won't be with them this Christmas. Then it's the weekend before Christmas and we're off to my parents to spend Christmas with them.

Bobby Said

On smoking a JPS for the first time (tongue firmly in his cheek):
It was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted and I remember gagging and probably nearly puking.

It's a pity I didn't have the same reaction the first time I kissed a boy.
He was posting about his bad habit of social smoking.
Bobby's throwaway line - something I'm sure he didn't mean in the context it has been read - made me consider my position.

Life would be easier if I was straight. I would have been less sensitive at school. I wouldn't have had gay taunts at various stages of my life. I wouldn't have silently cringed at the macho jokes made at the expense of "poofs" in a work environment. I wouldn't have had so many difficult conversations.

I would have avoided certain concerns at work - would I be promoted for fear of clients being - well, what actually? Going somewhere else? Even though I was the best they'd get? Ridiculous. But a real concern. When it came to promotion I wouldn't have been asked to be "discrete", even though I was. The person who asked me was embarrassed. His hetero business partners cheated with cheap girls they attracted like flies to shit, at the cost of a bottle of champagne.

I am sure life would have been easier - and far less unfocused at times. With a wife and kids to support and school, so many other options to choose from wouldn't have been my reality.

I wouldn't have had to be dishonest with those I love and care for - friends and family. I would have caused far less upset. The worst upset imaginable I caused my parents. Who would want to do that?

But, if I lived again I'd still want to be gay. I've enjoyed the colour and freedom of life as a gay man. The liberation. Because of that I'm a far better person to be in this world than straight me would have been. Of that I am certain.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cyber Excitement

gravis rise

As a child I loved Doctor Who-and I am *so* into new Who.

I think that it's extremely well written. Chris Eccleston was great...but long forgotten. He really should have done another year. With hindsight, I'm glad he didn't though - how overshadowed he has been by David Tennant. I can't work out if he (DT) or Tom Baker is my favourite. I guess, like the various Doctors, they all have something for me. Yet, I'm not sure exactly where Eccleston fits into my favourites list* to be honest. I thought that he was inspired casting-but DT blows me away.

In my childhood I remember especially autumnal Saturday evenings when, as a family, we'd sit down to watch the programme. I especially associate with dark nights the Image of the Fendahl. I remember watching it in October, Halloween and bonfire night.

cert signed

Who would have thought I'd ever be tearful at Dr Who. Yet, so well written is it that Rose's Father's Day, Sarah Jane's (oh for sure-Sarah Jane) Family of Blood's human doctor that could have been all drew a tear. Oh, and The Girl in the Fireplace.

As a kid I collected the Who target novels. I remember dreaming about buying books of stories that never were. That became reality, though I never bothered because they started at the very worst of Who-Sylvester McCock-I mean McCoy-and Sapphic Aldred as the awful Ace**. And yet they went on to create gems, though I missed out.

As a collector I love to celebrate my joy of Who. But I love the idea that these tokens of joy might appreciate in value. Indeed some have. I have a couple of Wave 1 Slitheen, bought for £6.99 and now selling for £100. Still in their packet of course.

I have over 60 Character Option figures still in their boxes, waiting. Though I'll probably never sell them in my life! Well, perhaps I will the duplicates, eventually.

But my proudest items are:

  • the original target novels, collected from 1973 on. I think the cost cost me 35p

  • Gravis Art Rise of the Cybermen signed print bought in an ebay charity DT auction to raise funds for the hospice where hs mother died. I was so determined to get it (see above).

  • And today I've ordered a replica Cyberman helmet-made by MillenniumFX who made the originals for the series. I could wear it, but you know...I won't.

Somewhere below I posted Song for Ten. How far Who songs have come since the 70's. The one I really, really remember was Pertwee's Who Is The Doctor! I have it on this album, with other classics - I'm Gonna Spend My Chrimas With A Dalek.


Me-rry Chr-ist-mas (I really need the Dalek font P76 has, but you will just have to imagine it).

just listen to those lyrics!!

* (T) Baker/Tennant
Pertwee/ Eccleston
(C) Baker

** no i didn't forget links

Friday, October 05, 2007


It's 10.05am. I should be in work, but a late night with clients made me sleep in. Truth be told-I wish I was still sleeping!

Here we are at Just St. James (I think that's the name of the place). The food was good. Then after we went for more drinks-G&T. Fortunately my new trainee saw that I got a cab home. The lovely S.

I did have cause to celebrate- a very difficult deal completed last night before I left the office. Technically difficult as well as logistically difficult.

So this is kind of how I'm feeling right now.

Yup-wrecked, burnt-out. I spotted it yesterday morning on my way to work.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Today is Gordon Brown's 100th day as Prime Minister.

Election? I have never voted Labour. I have always voted Conservative. However in the last two general elections I didn't vote.

The one before last I had just moved down from Scotland. I was still on the electoral roll for Scotland and didn't qualify for a postal vote. Reality-I just couldn't bring myself to vote for conservative at that time. And I didn't want to-couldn't-vote Labour. So I was happy to leave myself in the void.

Forward next general election. I'm on holiday abroad (probably France). I could have had a postal vote. But again, I didn't want to vote Tory and I couldn't bring myself to vote Labour.

So here we are, possibly, on the verge of an election (please yes, just get it over with). And here's the thing.

David Cameron-until a couple of days ago I had no interest voting Conservative. Then came the announcements about SDLT (stamp duty-not so relevant to many of us in London) and IHT (inheritance tax). Yes £1m threshold makes sense.

But Gordon Brown. I really admire him thus far as Prime Minister. As a person and as a leader I have no doubt that I would want to vote for him. Can I bring myself to vote Labour? Still undecided. Though as a leader, Gordon Brown hands down over David Cameron.

No spin, seeming honesty, no personal agenda...

Honest, capable, trustful.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Omni Nunc Arte Magistra

Recently I've had cause to think back to my school days. In part it might have been reading about Bobby V's crush on Paul. But there was something else-and it wasn't until this morning that I put my finger on it.

Meet Juan Martín Hernández the dieux du stade for the current quinzaine. Of course, I wasn't at school with him-unfortunately. But there was this guy... and the pic of JMH has prompted the stir of memory.

MG was in my year at secondary school, although not in my form class. I probably got to know him in about my 4th year. He played for the 2nd XV, though sometimes for the 1st when needed. He was in the CCF, and in our sixth year he was made CSM (top ranking cadet level at our school).

He was pale skinned-typically Scottish-smooth and very defined. Anyway he was a popular guy. However, stories started to get around about MG. He had been at a party and tried to "get-off" with another guy in the year. Apparently. However, such was his popularity that it didn't make any difference to how he was treated. Still, the story stuck in my mind.

From about the 4th year I used to go to the open swimming session at our school pool immediately after the end of the school day on Friday. So did MG.

Over the course of those sessions there was the usual horse play in the pool. Ducking guys, getting on someone's shoulders and wresting with others in the pool. I remember a couple of instances with MG in the pool. One where he grabbed me from behind and ducked me. He grabbed me hard and pulled me tight against him before tipping us both over. What I especially remember was that he had a raging hard-on that he pressed hard against me from behind.

Another time he was on my shoulders. We were wrestling other guys-trying to knock them over. This one time I was aware that he was rotating his groin area gently, but surely, into the nape of my neck.

At some time the swimming pool changing rooms were being refurbished and so we changed in the gym changing room. There I clearly remember occasions when I'd be speaking to MG, as he sat there in is boxers, legs wide apart, relaxed, showing (deliberately I'm absolutely sure) some of his balls, sometimes a bit of his dick. Just creeping out. He'd definitely and deliberately spread his legs while we chatted. Whilst gazing at me he'd sometimes caress his chest, but in a natural kind of way, sometimes clenching his hand under his arm.

The gym showers had only 3 cubicles. Once he was in the middle and the two either side were vacant. He suggested I come into his shower. Which I did. When I did he dropped his trunks (I kept mine on) and he soaped himself. In no means was it in a masturbatory manner. But still, we both knew what he was doing.

I never did anything. Ever. For sure I was excited, wanted. But this was an age when I was 15/16/17. MG was almost a year older-having my birthday in February meant I was at the younger end of the school age spectrum which had a cut-off at that time of 1 March, but started the January before. This meant that certain people were fully a year older than me. I knew my sexuality, probably, but accepting it less so, and I certainly wasn't going to risk cruxifiction being found out. I didn't have the luxury of being rugby popular and a school prefect.

The most obvious incidents with MG happened sometime after these. One in the pool changing room. The other in the SYS (sixth year studies) geography lab.

Our swimming pool changing room had individual cubicles, but without a door or curtain, although they did have a bar running across the top, like the top of a door frame.

One Friday evening-I think before swimming-his trunks were dry and the scent that I remember was definitely not chlorine!

However it happened, MG was hanging from the bar-as if doing pull-ups. He called me over, or as I was passing, he caught my attention. I looked up at him and as I did so he wrapped his legs around my neck, and he pulled me inwards. Right into his thighs which tightened around my neck, forcing my face into his groin. Right until my nose was resting on top of his balls, albeit they were inside his trunks. He jiggled a bit-but I remember the smell of him-specifically his groin/balls. I was paralysed. There was no way I was going to say/do anything. He let me go eventually, grinning at me.

The last incident was in our 6th year. My form master was head of Geography. MG was doing SYS geography. He used the SYS studio next to our form room. One day he was in there and he asked me in. He ended up wrestling with me. My hands pinned down, his groin once again full up over my chin. Pushing...

Needless to say nothing further ever happened. He went to the same Uni as me, but I can't remember what he studied, I saw him from tie to time, and I was aware that at sometime he had taken a girlfriend.

A few months ago he found me on LinkedIN, and sent me an email.

[I thought I'd kept it, but obviously not. Something along the lines of I'm in Australia now, petroleum engineer, married 2 kids... What about you?]

I never replied!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Household Helper-2

Another domestic tip brought to you by mon C. He may have left it behind for me, but it's advice we could all best heed!

He's in Guadeloupe until tomorrow when he flies off to Martinique. That's where he'll spend his birthday on Wednesday, without me... :(

Happy Birthday mon C.


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