Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I don't know why the idea of watching these movies appeals. Maybe torture turns me on (guys - you decide whether I mean it).

Mon C hates them. The gore. A little suspense is fine for him. But not all this full on stuff...

Captivity is certainly however not a movie to watch over a liquidized dinner.

One Man And His Dog

Mon C told me that Cherie Blair was sitting at the table next to him at breakfast in his Tel Aviv hotel on Saturday morning.

Yesterday he told me David "Urban Legend" Blunkett was also staying at the same hotel.

I wonder...while Tony's away, Cherie may play? With blundering Blunkett? Nah! No way.

Billie's Back

So, the rumours were true. Rose is going to make a dramatic return to season 4 Doctor Who.

Rose's return will mean the Doctor has three assistants in next year's series - Donna, played by Catherine Tate, and Freema Agyeman as Martha.

Hmm - there must be a mighty foe to battle if 3 assistants are needed.

On that subject, look what was released yesterday on DVD. The Davros Collection limited edition 8-DVD box set.

Now, let me think. Didn't they release a Master box set round about this time last year?

Monday, November 26, 2007


Another Gang-Bang Infernal. Now you know why I'm fixated with Vampires, seemingly...

Well, work is still hectic. I'm acting for a football club, and you think it might be fun, but I've been trying to help make this deal happen since June. Bye-bye weekends, evenings. Still, I'm hoping that I'm on the final push and after this week, stage 1 will be done.

The Cock Inside

I was home this weekend (Aberdeen) for my cousin's 40th birthday. Once again it turned out to be the perfect antidote to London.

Here's the thing. I was speaking with one of my aunts and her youngest daughter. We were talking pussies (the feline kind). My cousin N had her camera out. So my aunt asked cousin N to show me the pussy pics. Except pic 3 wasn't a pussy at all. It was the other bit. Her fiance's as it turned out, and my, he was generously hung. I exclaimed a "whoops" and suggested she had better not show it to her 70 year old mother!

Oh, and the video's not porn at all. Just gay vampires in an American TV show, a spin-off from the uber-gay Dante's Cove.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Intimately Beckham

Jesus God. Dear Lord.

But, go Google it and the first hit is a web site Cheap Smells. Don't tell the Poshes.

How fitting.

Go smell.

Is It That Time Yet?

Has McLaren resigned yet...or been SACKED?

We HEART Croatia.

Don't Engerland just chop and change their team, rather like with their manager? No consistency. McLaren's gamble went so wrong. You knew he had to admit it by placing Mrs Posh as sub at the beginning of act 2.

Friday, November 16, 2007

All About Me

Tomorrow I'm in Glasgow. All the more frightening because of the football. Win or loose it gets scary.

Still come on Scotland. Come on Russia.

(not mine...some 70's shit)

The Me Project

How much fun it must be to watch your progeny grow up. The mini-me that is your issue.

Actually, I'm sure there is lots of stress and anxiety that goes with it. But the joy makes so much difference...yet, what would I know?

In the meantime I can buy my nephew extravagant Christmas gifts. He loves me no more for it, but he loves me more. Because I'm less frequent than his other uncles (who live in Newcastle where he is). Because I love Dr Who - and so does he. With a little help from me.

So I like to be me - and give him his first iPod (80G video) - along with the rest of his stuff. It doesn't really matter that his other uncles give him a DVD. I've never been arrested - and because his father's a policeman, he doesn't think that's cool.

Here is my Cyberman head.

It is so cool. I'm not tempted to put it on - it was too expensive. I promise I'll post other pics of it.

Tomorrow I'm off to Glasgow. Go Scotland. Italy may be world champs, but it's great to be the underdog.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drone Zone

Just been busy, that's all...

Well, we went to see Siouxsie at the Roundhouse. She can't really hold a tune you know.

Hmm, there was something strange about a 50 year-ish old punk in thigh high boots and mini-skirt making noise. Seeing middle aged former goths & punks worshiping her. I mean there I was in suit and tie.

My Cyberman head came. It's cool. I've started collecting fine wine, the result being I have to buy double the amount I need-some to keep, some to drink. The beaujolais nouveau came out today - and fortunately it's for immediate drinking.

Tomorrow mon C is off to Tel Aviv for more fashion frollics, with a back to back trip to Geneva. Alas, I won't see him for 3 weeks, but when he does come back...it'll be Christmas. Yay. And I'm on holiday from the 14th December.

You bet.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Theatre, Theatre

We endured a theatre double bill yesterday, courtesy of the 5pm Friday matinee. Mon C wanted to see the "Blondie musical" - Desperately Seeking Susan, which is at the Novello. I wanted to see Rent "Remixed" at the Duke of York.

We decided to kill two birds with one stone and get them out of the way in one fell swoop.


Based on Puccini's La Bohème, the Broadway hit musical RENT broke convention when it first opened and was hailed by the New York Times as the return of the musical that dared to "take the culture's temperature and catch its tempo".

Over a decade later, that temperature's changed.

William Baker, Creative Director for Kylie Minogue and the visionary behind some of the most iconic pop images of recent years, brings together his cutting edge collaborators from the music industry to re-invent Jonathan Larson's award-winning musical RENT.

Denise Van Outen, Broadway and West End musical star, joins a vibrant and dynamic cast in the role of Maureen to create a modern-day RENT, remixed for the 21st century.

It's a great pity that William Baker hadn't considered the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

The minimalist staging was as soulless as some of the acting. The pace was much, much slower than the original. Worst of all was the re-characterisation of 3 of the leads as "English". I suspect that this was probably more to do with the actors' inability to sustain a convincing American accent, and done out of necessity. But just to make it clear that these weren't American accents gone wrong, certain dialogue/narrative was changed to make it clear that Mark Cohen, Mimi Marquez and Angel Dumott Schunard had originally come to New York from London. As if those rather obvious Anglo Saxon names didn't give it away...

Oliver Thornton was Mark Cohen. Imagine a slightly effeminate Hugh Grant and you've got Oliver's Mark Cohen. He even has the floppy hair. The character of Mark is straight, but with Oliver in the role that was rather, erm, ambiguous. (I've seen Oliver Thornton in Les Mis and Phantom. He looks pretty but like the set is rather bland).

But there were worse horrors. Terribly, terribly miscast were Jay Webb and ex-Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy as the "English" Angel Dumott Schunard and Mimi Marquez, respectively. Dear God, singing out of tune, flat (Donaghy being the worst), and in her case at points miming to a backing track. Someone needs to point out to her that she overcompensates when miming, and it looks ridiculous!

Angel is meant to be a transvestite/transexual. But I've no idea how Jay Webb was being directed. He came over as very camp, though lacking femininity in anyway. His costume was terrible-kind of like Timmy Mallet gone wrong. His drama school focus on the royal circle and somewhat limited repertoire of business and actions stuck out like a giant sore thumb. He's a dancer that can't really sing and dance at the same time. Actually, he can't really sing.

As for Siobhan Donaghy (a fair skinned red-headed Irish girl as "Mimi Marquez", not even black Irish)? Plain and simple. She should not be allowed to perform. Someone of her terribly poor standard has no right to be in front of a paying audience.

At times the directing and acting was straight out of drama school. When it came to Angel's death I thought it was going to be cliched as soon as the hospital bed was lowered from on high. It didn't disappoint either with Angel ascending into the white light on high...

On the positive side, Denise Van Outen did a creditable job and Luke Evans and Leon Lopez were fantastic. The later was Brookside's Jerome Johnston, and gave a solid performance, really delivering the emotion of the songs. Luke Evans was great in Taboo, and just as good here too. The two of them can really sing. No miming for them.

Picture This

I wonder if Chris Stein, punk pioneer of New Wave would have believed that some 30 years later his songs would be packing in middle aged theatre audiences?

Hmm. It was great to hear Blondie songs. The audience was well up for it, but I don't think they're really suited to be sung musical style. At times Desperately Seeking Susan felt that it was just trying too hard to be Mama Mia.

The narrative was well suited to the stage, and the show was certainly fast paced. The singing was a bit too much of a wail at screaming pitch at times, and so many words were gobbled, unable to be understood. The two femaile leads in particular take note.

Sometimes the situation was a little too contrived to fit in the Blondie hits though. As soon as it was announced that the Spanish maid was Maria, well you know what they're going to be singing to her. The result was audience guffaws - Atomic as a love song anyone (well, your hair *is* beautiful).

Are they worth going to see? Die hard Blondie fans might be tempted to see DSS, but it's not that great a tribute musically. The pace does hold up interest though.

As for the Rent Remixed, I don't know. There is good and bad. It's not the best way to introduce yourself to the show if you don't already know it. However, if you want to see how good and how poor west-end performances can be, then go see.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Self-Determination In The Devolution Model

David Lammy's quote from Question Time this evening. I mean *what* is that about?

Those Murdering McCanns?

Get this. Spin or just downright lies?

On asking me about Madeline McCann, I am told by my American friends that apparently in the UK it's culturally acceptable to leave young children on their own while parents go out and party. WHAT????

It turns out that's the spin being put out by the McCann's spokespeople in the US.

Turning darkness into lies? You bet. Any sympathy is draining away even more rapidly...

So is it any wonder that in the US many are prone to believe that Kate's "they have taken her" was *perhaps* an excuse for the manslaughter of Madeleine by medication gone wrong? The man on the sidewalk thinks that Kate and Gerry perhaps gave Madeleine some sedatives so they could go out and party.

And now Kate is maybe going to be working with kids? Choose carefully mamas.

Thank Dieux

Here is this fortnight's Dieux du Stade. It's Maxime Medard.

here he is just about to ride the London Eye?

So, is Andrea Marcato gay? Someone thinks so!


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