Monday, August 25, 2008

Is Bank Holiday Monday Gay?

It's the Autumn Bank Holiday, the sky is heavy and threatening rain.

Mon C and I are lying in bed, listening to radio 4, him reading Saturday morning's Guardian Weekend supplement and me pondering just how many of us are using the internet to find out who might be gay, and why (why we bother)?

As I've mentioned on more than one occasion, I'm perpetually puzzled by how many visitors arrive here because they have asked Google if Ben Whishaw is gay.

So, it being bank holiday Monday:

Is Ben Whishaw gay?

Well, according to a recent interview he gave to the Independent (4 July 2008), he did confess to having a "man of the moment" who he finds both "mystic" and a bit of a "whirling dervish".

However it turns out to be 12th-century Persian poet Rumi.

"I read his poems every day. They are teaching me how to live. "

However, he is an actor, and does seem to take a certain amount of pride in his hair.

Is David Tennant gay?

No. Absolutely not. He is Doctor Who.

But, "it’s ok to think Doctor Who is gay," said Tennant in a 2008 interview he gave to the Times.

And, in January 2006, readers of the British gay and lesbian newspaper The Pink Paper voted Tennant the "Sexiest Man in the Universe" over David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

Is John Barrowman gay?

Unfortunately, yes.

Is Michael Phelps gay?

Well, prior to the Olympics he was reported as saying that he did not have a girlfriend. He said that he was focusing on swimming and his college studies. He said he doesn't have a girlfriend and he leads a pretty quiet life. He said he hangs out with his friends like any other college guy and he's just focusing on the Olympics.

According to this source, the mainstream media is reporting that Phelps has a girlfriend who is in contact with him daily. But as "there is little evidence that they are a sexually active couple," this "begs the question if Michael Phelps is gay".

Hello! Given that in peak training phases Phelps will swim at least 80,000 meters a week, I'm not surprised he may not be sexually active. That's nearly 50 miles. Maybe the guy needs a rest?

Is US swimmer Ryan Lochte gay? Is Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland gay?

Probably not. Still I thought it was excuse enough to salute these Olympians (well, to salute their bodies).

Epke, Lochte and Epke

Epke pics taken by Dutch photographer Ewoud Broeksma.

czechOUT Broeksma's “Original Olympics” site, featuring athletes who have competed in the Olympics, with information on buying Broeksma’s calendar featuring athletes (scroll down the page for the English translation).

Is Dame Elton John gay?

That one is a little less straight forward. It depends on when you ask.

Before he became a Dame, Sir Elton announced he was bisexual and so married German recording engineer Renate Blauel on Valentine's Day, 1984, in Sydney. But they divorced four years later. Lady Elton later renounced his bisexuality and came out as being gay instead.

Renate Blauel and David Furniture

In 2005 he married his partner, Canadian born advertising-salesman David Furniture.


Anonymous said...

It hink you will wind SIR Elton had a civil marriage with Sir David Furnish.

Ahoj TO you

English said...

LOL, you missed the libelious one ... is Tom Cruise gay?


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