Sunday, March 22, 2009

What The Doctor Said

Me, Matt Smith and Russell Tovey

Being a Doctor Who fan, you can imagine how excited I was when I spotted Matt Smith on Friday night.

I was on my way to a cousin's wedding in Huntingdon, but first was taking in Mark Ravenhill's Over There at the Royal Court theatre.

I'd spotted Russell Tovey outside the theatre earlier. He was playing in A Miracle.

He has also appeared in Doctor Who in the third Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned. You might see him again sometime in Doctor Who and stuff...

It must be a chore for actors to be pestered for autographs and photos. I usually try not to. Well, not unless they are linked to Doctor Who, or something at the theatre that I've enjoyed. However I wasn't going to pass this opportunity.

I grabbed a pen from the box office and rushed outside to ask if I could have his autograph explaining just how big a Doctor Who fan I was. He was happy to oblige.

Russell Tovey had been one of the favourites for David Tennant's successor, so it was interesting to see the two of them together. I mentioned this to them. Matt Smith remarked that he bet Russell had probably wished he had been chosen too, and regretted that he wasn't-but in a nice way!

Besides, his Doctor Who related days aren't quite over yet!

I asked if I could take their photo, and Matt Smith suggested that I had my pic taken with them.

With Matt Smith and Russell Tovey

When he put his arms around Russell he remarked how big he had become. I suggested it was all that turning into a werewolf that had done it to him (which is true-ish; I've read an interview where he'd remarked that having to shoot so many naked scenes for Being Human had made him beef-up a bit).

Which is exactly what I'm saying in that picture above.

Two things, twice

Physically two things struck me about the next Doctor Who. First, Matt Smith is incredibly handsome in the flesh. Second, he looks incredibly young to be a Doctor Who.

However I am sure he will make an excellent Doctor Who.

He also told me 2 things about being Doctor Who. First, he hasn't started filming yet. Second, was something that, following what I said in the post blogged here about the Doctor Dream, I am to keep to myself.
Cyber Currency

Oh, and these are my Cyberman pics taken from elsewhere on this blog. Just do a Doctor Who search in the box to find out more or click on some of the pics.

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Anonymous said...

Lol well what did he tlel you, you can't tease us like that. Not even a hint?

DanProject76 said...

Officially jealous now.


Cameron McEwan said...

really nice pix of smith and tovey.

full marks and a gold star!

Anonymous said...

Wow soo jealous..!
But what did he say? At least tell us what it what ABOUT..please? ;D
..Or maybe you're just winding us up haha XD

Very good blog btw - just came across it while i was browsing :)
~ another dr who fan ~


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