Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Stuff

See, it's 4.30am. I'm awake and up.

A good night's sleep just doesn't seem to come easy anymore. I don't usually have a problem getting off (ahem). It's just that I tend to wake up early, unable to get back to sleep.

I'm still stressing. This time it's about the weather and whether we're going to be able to escape London. We're should be leaving on Wednesday. The weather looks less cold, and no snow is predicted for then. But there might be freezing fog.

We're flying from City airport which, currently, is closed.

I'm excited about going to my parents for Christmas. My brother will be there with his 1-year old. This will only be the second Christmas that I have spent with my brother since he was a teenager.

My mother loves Christmas-a tradition that has been passed on to me!

And, I can look forward to sleeping well there. Really well. It's the middle of nowhere, the back of beyond. The perfect antidote to a busy life in London.


Having spent the last week caught up at work, I missed our office Christmas parties. I was left behind, working.

So, to make up, we did some festive activities over the weekend.

On Saturday night we went to the Barbican to see the Brighton Gay Men's Chorus Make the Yuletide Gay. It didn't really help. Although there were sing-along-carols and stuff, the chorus on stage were as half empty as the Barbican hall was half empty. Despite having a "west-end" director, the chorus moving around was a bit of a shambles!

There were some very good soloists, but otherwise the choir lacked shape and purpose, offering such well known Christmas pieces as Aquarius, Let The Sunshine, Big Spender and Bring Him Home...

Sandie Shaw was a rather pointless Ice Princess, or Snow Queen with 2 other hosts/narrators popping off and on.

However it was something to see her sing (and sing along to) her well known "festive" hit (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me.

Today, because he has never been to one, and doesn't really understand the concept despite my attempts to explain, we're going to a panto; Aladdin at the Hackney Empire.


Vlad said...

Christmas is all over the place, and it's great fun :) Hope you'll enjoy yours to the fullest!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

What is "frozen fog?" I've never heard of such a thing!

MadeInScotland said...

Miss GG

a fog composed of minute ice crystals that form in the air in extremely cold temperatures.

It just hangs there, dense, and visibility is poor.



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