Friday, January 29, 2010

The Problem With A Little Prick

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Saturday Morning
28 September 2009*:

Early flight to Aberdeen. No cash. So, instead of getting the bus (to get the tube to get the train to get the plane) at my usual stop I walk down to the next one. I can get some cash from the ATM outside Tesco. I only need enough for small pocket change.

Out pops the statement. Fraud, fraud. Tear it up, and bin it. There's a bin at the bus stop. Fraud fraud, so even in pieces I can't risk them just lying there. Here's the bus, so no more tearing. I'll push them down the side to make sure they're out of sight.

FUCKING ouch. Hand jerks up, syringe stuck in my thumb. What the fuck, what the fuck. Taking it all in I feel sick the needle is dirty my thumb has a rusty blister junkie shit infection ouch fainting caused by needles short on time plane to Aberdeen dirty infection should be sick parents mother will be disappointed and she is still poorly and there's another bus and there was dark dirty orange fluid inside and my thumb is rusty blister suck out the infection

Before I know it I'm at Moorgate sucking my thumb. No tube to take me to Paddington. Time running short. Work it out while constantly thinking I had an AIDS infected users dirty used syringe jabbed into my thumb....

Next thing I know I'm on the plane. Having an orange juice thinking that it's fine. My brother is meeting me at the airport, and I can get him to take me to ARI. I feel extremely comfortable there. I lived over 30 years there and they are my people.

Bro - can you take me to A&E. But don't tell parents...

At A&E they ask me my details. They still have me on record from my flat in Aberdeen. The one I really regret selling and often dream about. How ironic and comforting that computer says hello (you never left us). I knew ARI was a good idea.

Worrying now about the time it will take until we get to my parents (and how we explain it), I'm soon called to triage. Thank you targets. To ensure patients are seen to within target times, you almost immediately see a triage nurse for an initial assessment, before being sent back for a 3 hour plus wait.

Oh lovely, comforting Aberdeen nurse, I feel safe in your care. Make things better, please.

She comes back after consulting a doctor for me. No I definitely don't need a tetanus**, but I do need to make sure I'm tested for hepatitis and HIV when I get back to London, a risk with needle-stick injury.

Oh lovely, comforting Aberdeen nurse, with whom I thought I'd find assurance, you have only reinforced my initial paranoia leaving me more worried than I'd calmed down to when I came to you. HIV is, you tell me, a possibility. But there's no treatment offered here in Aberdeen. Maybe I don't need any...

But, I have my computer and I can do the research, so I do...


Meet Kent, my HIV+ boyfriend who guarantees my PEP

* read about it almost real time in the until now when it happened unpublished post
** having had it even more than 10 years ago

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