Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What A Difference A Decade Makes

Nik_The Greek posted this blog post as an introspective retrospective.

It reminded me to finish the post I had started (but left off) in similar vein...

For New Year's Eve 2000, the Millennium, I was in Prague (for the very first time), with Simon.

We were staying in the Praha Palace Hotel (where I learned it made no sense to pay just under £500 per night for a hotel room, albeit a suite, when you were never in it, albeit that Cher and Uma Thurman-though not together, certainly-had been in the same suite/bed/crapped in the same toilet, probably-but it was the millennium).

We had the "obligatory" St Sylvester meal costing just under 400euro each, which wasn't obligatory at all, the nuance being lost in translation. Despite my sending a fax saying Simon was vegetarian, which meant no meat, no fish, there was only meat and fish on offer for him on the night.

We left before midnight, and I spent the rest of the night drinking mulled wine and home made wodka from the most geographically extreme eastern Europeans who wanted a picture with a guy in a kilt and insisted, in return, that I sample their potato wodka.

As a result I was violently sick with red wine puke about 5am, over the toilet that Uma Thurman had shat in....

  • I was a partner in a top 10 (Scottish) law firm
  • I was rather bored in my job
  • I was out-a confirmed homosexual- to my parents and to my brother, but not to the rest of my family. I was out at work
  • I was living in Aberdeen, with someone who I thought was the love of my life and with whom I would share the rest of my life
  • I was still immature in my relationship
  • I dialled up to the internet and my mobile was a pay-as-you-go purchased from QVC
For New Year's Eve 2010 I was at home in London, with mon C, content.
  • I work for a top 20 (London) law firm where I am not a partner. However I am paid more than double what I was this time 10 years ago
  • I am rather bored in my job
  • I am a confirmed homosexual to all my family and at work; but not to my American friends
  • I am living in London with the love of my life and with someone I will share the rest of my life
  • I am fully mature in my relationship
  • WiFi and I'm waiting for Apple to catch up with the better camera on offer from Google's nexus 1, whereupon I'll buy an iPhone.


Mark in DE said...

Indeed, what a difference a decade makes. Its nice to see the progress you've made.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Thank you very much for the reference...
It's funny how some things drastically change but other stay the same like the 'I was / am rather bored in my job'…

Paul Brownsey said...

I tend to be wary of the words "mature" and "immature" because often they're merely used to praise or slap down (respectively) whatever they're applied to. Thus if someone tells me I'm behaving immaturely I conclude they think badly of my behaviour but quite how one would *demonstrate* that the behaviour is immature, goodness knows. To use terms from mid-20th-century philosophy, they have powerful emotive meaning but obscure or non-existent descriptive meaning. So I'd be interested if you would say something about what you regard as maturity in a relationship and what you regard as immaturity.


MadeInScotland said...

I can only say something from my own personal perspective.

I consider that I wasn't displaying behaviour demonstrating I was fully developed (ready) emotionally for a rewarding and proper (mutually satisfying and true) relationship; for me a sign of being immature in that relationship is that I was selfish in some aspects considering myself and then myself over the collective whole. Knowing it at the time and still acting in a selfish manner to the detriment of the whole.



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