Monday, February 08, 2010

Synchronise Diaries, Here Goes - 52:52

Time to get Xfe to open his Moleskin softie and reference my red Moleskin hard-un.

"Mon C," (I really do call him that) "can you get your diary out, please?"

After Julie/Julia everyone seems to be doing it; whether it's State of the Nations 28 days, 28 entries or the Bobsters 365.

That being the case I'll do 52:52. That's 52 shows in 52 weeks. Now, a show isn't just limited to theatre visits. It could be an art exhibition, museum event; of necessity it might even have to drift to encompass a looser meaning - anything that is a cultural event...

Last time I looked we were off to:
Now let us add:
And, still, I want to see Enron & Jerusalem. Can we fit them in?

I missed Midsummer, which means Xfe's 1-up on me. But so far I'm 3 down, 49 to go...

After all, Jonathan Pryce has become rather irrelevant. Old. Boring. He always was overrated in my book.

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Aya Hashiguchi Clark said...

What a wonderful blog, and what a wonderful mission: to watch 52 shows in 52 weeks.

Maybe I'll give it a try (insert laughter from the audience here)!

I am intrigued and a bit jealous that you got to attend A Little Night Music in Paris. Sondheim is a marvelous composer, and the ultimate challenge for a theatre artist. I got to do Into the Woods several years ago.

Thank you for sharing your experience. We will celebrate at the end of this year! Have a cyber party, perhaps. Best of luck to both of us!!


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