Sunday, March 07, 2010

Right Now

Right Now was a 1983 hit by The Creatures, a Siouxsie Sioux vehicle.

Right now I'm sitting on the sofa (seen here). It's Sunday morning, and as you can see from the 2/3rds empty bottle of wine sitting by the window, I treated myself to a glass of two before I went to bed last night.

The sun is shining, and although it's still colder than it should be for this time of year, it rather feels that spring is just around the corner.

Spring, bringer of life. When everything is reborn.

Right now I'm drinking a mug of free coffee. Courtesy of Ocado, as a thank you for signing up to their home delivery service.

Friend R-1 works in their IT and has a number of 10% discount accounts he can give to friends and family. He kindly gave us one.

Xfe used it for the first time before he left for work for a couple of weeks. He was very happy when the delivery came!

Right now I am listening to the Editors. This was one of Xfe's christmas presents from my mother. It was her first Amazon purchase.

It was bought on my brother's recommendation. He's played us one of the tracks and mon C rather liked it.

The album came as a surprise. I rather liked it. I'd describe it as the cup of the Brazilian coffee from Ocado that I'm drinking is described - dark and smokey.

I don't know anything about them. But I like how this album sounds. It has something retro and underground about it.

Right now (as in currently rather than immediately) I'm also listening to Nouvelle Vague. I think this is a recent album. It's covers of songs, many of which I liked in the first place.

In contrast to the Editors, I'd describe this is as lounge, easy listening.

Right now I'm enjoying that today is Sunday. I'm going to the Barbican this afternoon for another of my 52:52. Despite having made a mega pot of fiery hot chili yesterday (Xfe doesn't like hot food. I do, so I usually treat myself as soon as he goes), I'll eat there before the show.

Right now I'm enjpying that today is Sunday and I don't have to go to the office tomorrow.

I'm not on holiday. I'm going to a seminar. But, and here's a first, it's not connected to my discipline. I'm going to Stonewall's Workplace Conference 2010. My offer to sit on the diversity advisory group to be formed at work was taken up.

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