Sunday, April 04, 2010

5 On The Fifth - April 2010

After woefully neglecting to take part in the last 2 months' postings, I thought I'd get ahead of myself this month and be organised.

I have two topics to choose from, so I'll mix and match Spring and Bank Holiday Weekend.

1. April showers

What would spring be without an April shower? Except this shower was snow; and right here you can see where it snowed and where it didn't. Taken at about 24,000 feet, south of Edinburgh this Good Friday.

2. Rebirth

Each spring these things under the ground push up into the sunlight, and are reborn. Though some celebrate a resurrection every Easter, there are equally other things planted in the ground that never surface again, except as a memory, a happy recollection or anecdote.

3. Yum! Easter

Apart from the extra time off work, it's all about the eggs these days. Here our nephew enjoys his first Easter egg from Uncles MiS and Mon C. Yeah, it may be small, but so is he.

4. Roast be

I love cooking when I'm in the mood. Not being English, I'm not really into roasts. But I can just about get by with a chicken. It seems a lot for only one, but I prefer to bulk cook and freeze for later. Besides, kitchen time means there's a little cook's reward, helping the lonely time slip away.

5. Bank holiday

means unshaved...


My Time said...

great pictures, specially the fist one is very cool said...

Great post and images, like your thoughts on memories and buried stuff. (not really sure what I mean there)

NewLeaf said...

Wow. April showers and Rebirth are amazing.

Greg said...

That first picture is stunning!

Bryn said...

I love the first one too!! Good stubble. B x

Mike said...

Like rthe rest I love those pics. You have a really good eye! And, of course, stubble too ;-)

MadeInScotland said...

the stubble has now gone, chaps


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