Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gardening Time

We've been having more gardening fun this weekend. Xfe deals with the borders, and I do the raised bed and my "vertical garden"; well, what I hope will be a vertical garden.

Although the bees seem to be dying, all around, currently, there seems to be the sound of drones buzzing.

My mother had the best diagnosis she could have (after being diagnosed with bowel cancer). It was identified through monitoring for her other problems. So it was identified early. It seems there is no secondary cancer - i.e. it has not spread.

Tomorrow, almost a year after going into hospital resulting in a 16 week stay, and loosing her toe, her leg (below the knee) her leg (whole) she is back in hospital. Fighting cancer, but with a very good chance.

So, fingers crossed Mum. I'll see you at the weekend. x x x

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Stephen Chapman... said...

5 on the fifth reminder?!

I was on holiday! :-)



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