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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Omni Nunc Arte Magistra

Recently I've had cause to think back to my school days. In part it might have been reading about Bobby V's crush on Paul. But there was something else-and it wasn't until this morning that I put my finger on it.

Meet Juan Martín Hernández the dieux du stade for the current quinzaine. Of course, I wasn't at school with him-unfortunately. But there was this guy... and the pic of JMH has prompted the stir of memory.

MG was in my year at secondary school, although not in my form class. I probably got to know him in about my 4th year. He played for the 2nd XV, though sometimes for the 1st when needed. He was in the CCF, and in our sixth year he was made CSM (top ranking cadet level at our school).

He was pale skinned-typically Scottish-smooth and very defined. Anyway he was a popular guy. However, stories started to get around about MG. He had been at a party and tried to "get-off" with another guy in the year. Apparently. However, such was his popularity that it didn't make any difference to how he was treated. Still, the story stuck in my mind.

From about the 4th year I used to go to the open swimming session at our school pool immediately after the end of the school day on Friday. So did MG.

Over the course of those sessions there was the usual horse play in the pool. Ducking guys, getting on someone's shoulders and wresting with others in the pool. I remember a couple of instances with MG in the pool. One where he grabbed me from behind and ducked me. He grabbed me hard and pulled me tight against him before tipping us both over. What I especially remember was that he had a raging hard-on that he pressed hard against me from behind.

Another time he was on my shoulders. We were wrestling other guys-trying to knock them over. This one time I was aware that he was rotating his groin area gently, but surely, into the nape of my neck.

At some time the swimming pool changing rooms were being refurbished and so we changed in the gym changing room. There I clearly remember occasions when I'd be speaking to MG, as he sat there in is boxers, legs wide apart, relaxed, showing (deliberately I'm absolutely sure) some of his balls, sometimes a bit of his dick. Just creeping out. He'd definitely and deliberately spread his legs while we chatted. Whilst gazing at me he'd sometimes caress his chest, but in a natural kind of way, sometimes clenching his hand under his arm.

The gym showers had only 3 cubicles. Once he was in the middle and the two either side were vacant. He suggested I come into his shower. Which I did. When I did he dropped his trunks (I kept mine on) and he soaped himself. In no means was it in a masturbatory manner. But still, we both knew what he was doing.

I never did anything. Ever. For sure I was excited, wanted. But this was an age when I was 15/16/17. MG was almost a year older-having my birthday in February meant I was at the younger end of the school age spectrum which had a cut-off at that time of 1 March, but started the January before. This meant that certain people were fully a year older than me. I knew my sexuality, probably, but accepting it less so, and I certainly wasn't going to risk cruxifiction being found out. I didn't have the luxury of being rugby popular and a school prefect.

The most obvious incidents with MG happened sometime after these. One in the pool changing room. The other in the SYS (sixth year studies) geography lab.

Our swimming pool changing room had individual cubicles, but without a door or curtain, although they did have a bar running across the top, like the top of a door frame.

One Friday evening-I think before swimming-his trunks were dry and the scent that I remember was definitely not chlorine!

However it happened, MG was hanging from the bar-as if doing pull-ups. He called me over, or as I was passing, he caught my attention. I looked up at him and as I did so he wrapped his legs around my neck, and he pulled me inwards. Right into his thighs which tightened around my neck, forcing my face into his groin. Right until my nose was resting on top of his balls, albeit they were inside his trunks. He jiggled a bit-but I remember the smell of him-specifically his groin/balls. I was paralysed. There was no way I was going to say/do anything. He let me go eventually, grinning at me.

The last incident was in our 6th year. My form master was head of Geography. MG was doing SYS geography. He used the SYS studio next to our form room. One day he was in there and he asked me in. He ended up wrestling with me. My hands pinned down, his groin once again full up over my chin. Pushing...

Needless to say nothing further ever happened. He went to the same Uni as me, but I can't remember what he studied, I saw him from tie to time, and I was aware that at sometime he had taken a girlfriend.

A few months ago he found me on LinkedIN, and sent me an email.

[I thought I'd kept it, but obviously not. Something along the lines of I'm in Australia now, petroleum engineer, married 2 kids... What about you?]

I never replied!

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SteveA said...

INteresting. Some guys can't be open about sexuality. Maybe he had you figured out and was playing the waters? Maybe he is what hi is but can't show it!


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