Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bottoms Up

From Sunday 4 July - Tel Aviv

In a discussion had at the pool earlier today, I discovered that according to the Israeli gay cruising site (the gaydar equivalent, though I don't know its name) Israel registered users are broadly equal %-wise when it comes to tops and bottoms, disregarding those who categorise themselves as versatile.

But my informant suggested that in practice there are far more tops than bottoms.

We were in agreement that this was likely due to societal and stereotypical reasons. Arabs, especially, like to be men. Even as gay men. Being a bottom is associated with femininity.

So, there are far more tops than bottoms here.


1 comment:

SteveA said...

That reasoning would make sense. I was also reading a few articles on that - it is quite true!

Have fun!


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