Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Askin' ?

It seems that we think we are really cool when we dance.

Everyone these days think they have a unique style and ability to impress. Even me, with my understated 60's disco-swing incorporating bored look (yup work that out).

Last night we were at Xfe's pals' London farewell party. BAFTA winner S & his wife E and their two children are leaving for Paris/LA after 10 years in London.

We were at the Grand Union in Camden. At first I thought it far too loud, but after 3 gin and tonics - my favourite drink, perfect for summer, and a welcome friend - I started getting into it, and we started to dance.

Generally it's the guys who think they are cool. How I laughed though.

And there was this girl. Completely out of time. I think she was German...


When I went to the loo, trying to work out why most urinal floors are always wet, I noticed the guy next to me was tugging his bit a little too hard. And when he noticed I had noticed, he was slightly more vigorous, showing off his, what I could now clearly see, erection. Pulling back his foreskin and spurting piss, while doing so. He even took his finger and rubbed the head of his knob and wet on his finger while smiling at me.

What was that about?

Funnily enough I forgot which guy it was soon after we were back upstairs, though he was in the party group.

I never mentioned that one day in Tel Aviv the pool boy got an erection. He seemed embarrassed, but rather than sit down he stood up and stretched, which really highlighted his inconvenient moment.

About 8", tenting to his left, I think he had become excited looking at 2 girls very curvy English Jewish girls...

Poor Ben

This made me laugh this morning...

I don't watch Eastenders, but Xfe does.

The thought of Fil Mitchell's Billy Elliot-inspired son becoming someone's slag in whatever institution he's in makes me laugh.

Or it could just be the bad make-up.

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Nik_TheGreek said...

I used to live very close to that Grand Union in Camden. I used to go there quite a lot. I remember being there on a Saturday drinking and dancing... It was quite fun...


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