Monday, August 30, 2010

Anniversary Of A Favourite Post

Gosh, it's 2 years since I fabricated one of my favourite blog posts.... I remember it, and lying in bed doing it, well...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is Bank Holiday Monday Gay?

It's the Autumn Bank Holiday, the sky is heavy and threatening rain.

Mon C and I are lying in bed, listening to radio 4, him reading Saturday morning's Guardian Weekend supplement and me pondering just how many of us are using the internet to find out who might be gay, and why (why we bother)?

As I've mentioned on more than one occasion, I'm perpetually puzzled by how many visitors arrive here because they have asked Google if Ben Whishaw is gay.

So, it being bank holiday Monday:

Is Ben Whishaw gay?

Well, according to a recent interview he gave to the Independent (4 July 2008), he did confess to having a "man of the moment" who he finds both "mystic" and a bit of a "whirling dervish".

However it turns out to be 12th-century Persian poet Rumi.

"I read his poems every day. They are teaching me how to live. "

However, he is an actor, and does seem to take a certain amount of pride in his hair.

Is David Tennant gay?

No. Absolutely not. He is Doctor Who.

But, "it’s ok to think Doctor Who is gay," said Tennant in a 2008 interview he gave to the Times.

And, in January 2006, readers of the British gay and lesbian newspaper The Pink Paper voted Tennant the "Sexiest Man in the Universe" over David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

Is John Barrowman gay?

Unfortunately, yes.

Is Michael Phelps gay?

Well, prior to the Olympics he was reported as saying that he did not have a girlfriend. He said that he was focusing on swimming and his college studies. He said he doesn't have a girlfriend and he leads a pretty quiet life. He said he hangs out with his friends like any other college guy and he's just focusing on the Olympics.

According to this source, the mainstream media is reporting that Phelps has a girlfriend who is in contact with him daily. But as "there is little evidence that they are a sexually active couple," this "begs the question if Michael Phelps is gay".

Hello! Given that in peak training phases Phelps will swim at least 80,000 meters a week, I'm not surprised he may not be sexually active. That's nearly 50 miles. Maybe the guy needs a rest?

Is US swimmer Ryan Lochte gay? Is Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland gay?

Probably not. Still I thought it was excuse enough to salute these Olympians (well, to salute their bodies).

Epke, Lochte and Epke

Epke pics taken by Dutch photographer Ewoud Broeksma.

czechOUT Broeksma's “Original Olympics” site, featuring athletes who have competed in the Olympics, with information on buying Broeksma’s calendar featuring athletes (scroll down the page for the English translation).

Is Dame Elton John gay?

That one is a little less straight forward. It depends on when you ask.

Before he became a Dame, Sir Elton announced he was bisexual and so married German recording engineer Renate Blauel on Valentine's Day, 1984, in Sydney. But they divorced four years later. Lady Elton later renounced his bisexuality and came out as being gay instead.

Renate Blauel and David Furniture

In 2005 he married his partner, Canadian born advertising-salesman David Furniture.

Do I Really Want


Nah, I think I'll miss them out.

The Ironside is ugly enough.

But, I do want these.

Revenge of the Cybermen Cybermen, which I think, from memory, completes the range of Cybermen toys from Character Options.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last Barrier, Fallen

We're just back from a visit to my parents, made for various reasons.

My oldest nephew's summer visit overlapped with ours, and he was sleeping in the room we normally use. Which is the one with two single beds.

My mother, who once said that she would never allow an unmarried couple to share a bed in her house, and who struggled for so long, many years ago, with having a gay son, and who came to love Xfe very much, finally let go of her last personal taboo.

Xfe and I slept in the guest double bed.

And Xfe said how nice it was to sleep together, cuddling me as I drifted off to sleep under my parents' roof...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dalek Scientist

Great, I managed to pick up a couple of these limited edition Dalek scientist sets not generally available in UK.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Come Sleep, Come Morning

On Saturday I went to The Emirates to see Arsenal thrash Blackpool 6-0. Walcott scored a hat trick.

Fabregas and van Persie both came on in the second half before Walcott himself was substituted.

A lively game. I was home by 5.15pm, crowds notwithstanding. The Emirates is fairly local.

We were without a decent blu-ray to watch, well, one that didn't involve me reading sous-titres, so I didn't really settle down after dinner and ended up in bed about 10pm. On a Saturday night!

I fell asleep fairly quickly.

Only to wake up around 2am. After 30mins of reflection I decided to get up.

I stayed up for about an hour and a half. I did some internet shopping. I read some WP stuff that I wanted to understand, for reasons I might explain later. From there I hopped to Compassion, Fitz and stuff...

Friday, August 20, 2010

We Are An Uncle

Mon C and I have become uncles once again.

We are super-content with hyper-mignon nephew LM.

This time we have a niece.

My favourite name choice is Delilah Rose. Just imagine, when she is 60 the DJ would finish the night with Tom Jones and everyone singing "My, my, my Delilah...".

As also when she is 65, 70, 80...

Or, how about Renate Chablis (Natty Bliss for short).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Due Diligence

I'm sitting at home waiting for some documents to come through on the BlackBerry that I need to approve tonight.

Due diligence, [the docs just came in - pause]

Striking fear into the heart of many a lawyer. Late nights, difficult deals, plenty head scratching, data rooms...

I left the office at 10-ish, thinking I'd be as well to finish at home. I arrived, kissed mon C good evening, had a mini-chat, a bath and no sooner had I poured a glass of wine and sat down in front of the Mac when the BlackBerry glowed.

ius quaesitum tertio

Not a word you get to use every day, but I got to. Using my Scottish hat - one of the joys of being dual qualified. Though you forget and get lost sometimes when switching between the two legal systems.

Anyway, I'm rambling, cos I'm waiting for stuff and I just want to be done. And get home. I mean get to bed. I am home. Join mon C.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KYP #3 - Neutrapharm

This hypoallergenic moisturizing shower and bath gel has been enriched with sweet almond oil and formulated to cleanse "fragile and sensitive skins".

Though Chez Nous its winning charm is leaving you smelling super clean but certainly not sterile. There's no disguising smell of summer meadows, just a natural, freshness of CLEAN.

Value: Cheap as chips - if you ignore any travelling costs! Currently 12,80 € for 2 x 500ml, though I got 2 for 9,90 €.

Widely available at good pharmacies in France.

Tip: Why not stock-up whenever you are on a short Eurostar hop to Paris?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


On Saturday morning I found myself doing something unexpected...

On Thursday morning at around 3.30am Xfe woke up with a start and got up. He went to the window, or so I thought, and came back to bed. I asked him what was wrong. Perhaps he had heard a noise outside to investigate.

He told me he had had a horrible dream. Then he opened up the Mac - that's why he had risen, it sits by the window, to take it over to bed.

The light of the computer screen disturbed my sleep and before I knew it I was wide awake with him.

I asked what his dream was; he said it was horrible. He wanted to look it up to see what it meant. As if one should believe that stuff....

Obviously, though, it had disturbed him.

15 minutes later I asked him,


He shut the Mac.


I turned around and told him enough. I, of course, immediately thought of my mother. She had been told the week before that because of her other illnesses, they can't treat the cancer she has with chemo or radiotherapy.

I didn't want to think about it anymore.

I got back to sleep again around 5.30am. I'm too light a sleeper. It's hard to come by once I'm alert.

At breakfast I asked Xfe to describe more of his dream. He explained that it could also be life. He was still disturbed by his vivid dream experience, and had spend more time looking into the hidden meaning of his dream.

Well, that worked for me and, if you believe that stuff. My brother and his partner are due to have their little girl this coming Friday.

On Thursday evening, while we were having dinner, Xfe's father called him.

His grandmother had died that morning. Aged 96, she had been neither ill nor poorly. She hadn't been on Xfe's mind, and there hadn't been any recent calls or communication about her.

She died sometime between 3am and 7am our time. Xfe's dream, which he went back to sleep after, convinced it was a message of death, woke him up at 3.30am.

How spooky is that? Even if you don't believe in anything mystic, there must be some kind of connection at work. You'll know the feeling. When you sense something is not quite right.

Some say that, in their moment of death, the dying visit their loved ones to say a final goodbye.

So, Saturday morning, I found myself burning a CD for a funeral.

This morning Xfe's Grandmere will first be put into her coffin; then an hour later they have a church service for her.

This will be followed by a service at the crematorium and later in the afternoon her ashes are taken and there's another memorial event.

These are the songs I've hunted down, uploaded and burned on various CDs to be played at various times.

I have to admit they are rather nice, sad, and I suspect, though I never met his Italian grandmother, would have been loved by her.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Top Gay Blog!

Apparently I'm currently no.4 Top 10 UK LGBT Blogger. Wow! How come?

I know 3 of the others. GB, Pink Sauce and Mike.

I guess that it's just a sign of the times. But, I think I must focus more on gay issues. To sustain myself, of course.

As You Wish*

I consider it a truth that when the rain falls, even in August though it should be uncomfortable in heat, something special happens.

Refreshed, revived - enough to gulp up the green in one immediate gasp-drawn breath, life strides on deep-drawn, after a wet pause.

To bloom, to flush, its roots to gorge (please), to continue...

Today (Sat 7 August), after sitting out the rain came hard. Xfe did more garden (see our most exciting weekend moment being a trip to Homebase).

I, with Radio 4, for the heat that I hoped would happen, stayed in the kitchen while Xfe read the Guardian in the front room.

Yet, it rained, and rained hard and heavy. I can smell the same cause same reason. Those ions (so I'm told).

Spill onto the garden, ions. Positive, +ve one's please. None of your Naomi Campbell, she of uncertain morales and poor self-judgement, dirty-negativity ones.

After the rain has come

Feel me fresh in the pool that is after the fall. Thankfully I closed the door and stayed inside, peering out.

I'm sure there are many top totty pics that show how it is, but look to them to appear elsewhere, a moment from now.

After all, enjoy.

Because, after a heavy fall, always comes the sun. Always.

*Blogged 7 August, but not posted until now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Thais That bind

My brother, at 41 (on the cusp of 42) is about to become a father for the third time.

He is going to gift my parents their first granddaughter. (My mother's heart is filled with joy - she long past thought of having one).

Mon C will be going to look after LM, our 2nd nephew, when new baby comes along. The closest he will have to the children of his own, the children he wants.

I won't be visiting with him. I have, after all, work. But, I have, after all, discounted children of my own. Carefully, deliberately, defensively...

When I go for a coffee and I hear a baby cry, my mind's eye judges those parents unfit. That child should be in care. They have all Mon-Fri to socialise. Do not, DO NOT, take up weekend time, the time of those who work during the week (like your screaming baby's father). The chance I have to go for a coffee in the deli you can inhabit all week.

But that's unreasonable me.

LM is great. He is a happy baby. I am happier by far by the happiness he brings Xfe.

But babies, children, are not for me.

Because I taught myself they are not.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hyper Cute

Am totally loving my Adipose stress toy. They arrived this morning!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I, Fag

I have no problem describing myself thus. In fact I might even say that I really, really enjoy using the word.

You could agree, acknowledging that not only does it reclaim the erstwhile insult, it connects me with my kind.

Though, probably, you don't. I offended my best friend by calling him a fag, starting a year+ of stand-offish situations.

I agree that some would say it's an insult and that insults translate into real problems for homosexuals.

"Dyke". Powerful scary and other. Not a nice girl, though nice girls may often want them...

But might it have a favourable ring?

Playing with gender, femininity, linking those tagged with the masculine view of lesbianism, for some a proud badge?

Can it ever be used in a positive way?

Some gals love the aspect of gender bender that dyke implies, being not overly butch and a connection with broader lesbian community.

Whatever, we're not really solid us fags and them dykes. Why, see even on this blog I'm derogatory. Reference, those ladies who munch.

Monday, August 09, 2010

KYP #2 - Molton Brown

Chez Nous, we've been longtime consumers of all things Molton Brown.

Their bath and shower gels and hand wash and lotions work particularly well for us.

Their eucalyptus gel is especially warming and partners especially well with their more expensively priced eucalyptus & ginger body scrub.

Another favourite is their naran ji fine liquid hand wash and lotion set, with its delicate fragrance of sweet florida orange oil and grapefruit seed extract.

Value: A little luxury. Hand wash comes in at around £15 per 300ml, the gel £17 per 300ml. It's slightly cheaper to buy in duty free.

Tip: For your guest bathrooms why not top-up your used naran ji hand wash bottles with the much cheaper Baylis & Harding sweet mandarin & grapefruit hand wash. At a fraction of the price your guests will never know the difference!

Molton Brown is available at John Lewis. B&H from Sainsbury supermarket.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday's Promise

The thrill of late Friday afternoon. I don't mind how hectic Friday is - sometimes the more hectic the better, so that the weekend comes sooner.

The frisson of knowing that anytime after 5.30pm I can decide to leave and start my weekend.

En route I stop off and buy 2 bottles of champagne. A crisp chilled glass in our garden early on Friday evening is the best way to celebrate the start of the weekend. Friday night, with the whole weekend extending out beyond us. With time to stay up late and watch a film. Not having to go to bed early only to get up equally early.

An easy movie after a delicious dinner.

I still make the 18.03 train from Moorgate (although it's only 5 minutes until the next one leaves), and about 14 minutes later I'm walking up Green Lanes towards home.

Xfe greets me with a kiss; he always comes to greet me in the hall when he hears me come in.

"Hello mon doudou," he cheers.

He takes my bag, puts the pop in the fridge and says he will pour me a glass and see me in the garden - I go to change.

It may be early August, but there's a chill. The sky is grey, and after a few sips, it starts to rain.

We go inside.

"What time do you want to eat doudou?", Xfe asks. I'm easy. But there's got to be enough time for us to fit in a film after, before it's too late, and enough time before, for me to enjoy another aperitif.

"I think I'll have a bath," I explain, "so as not to interrupt our viewing time".

Sometimes I take a glass of pop up to the bathroom with me. But tonight I don't.

After dinner we settle down to watch a film. Only first we catch the end of Mastermind. I see someone do an almost (it may well have been absolutely) perfect round. All questions answered correctly, no passes. I have to watch to make sure he wins, he deserves to.

Then it's Gardeners' World. As proud owners of a garden, we just have to watch...

There are many films we have to watch on DVD. But first I scan the channels to see what's on. I notice that so many of the unwatched films we have on DVD are showing on Sky channels we pay to view. That's life.

It's difficult to decide what to watch. Unwrapping and opening up a DVD box takes effort. It's easier to play something recorded on the Sky+.

Also, I'm quite tired after a long and busy week. I thought that I might be.

So, it's got to be something easy, not too challenging...

Still, the weekend stretches out beyond us. There's all of Saturday to do things in. Nothing too exhausting, but something productive.

I reflect - the highlight for us isn't the opening of the new Covent Garden Apple Store. Store number 300, and the biggest in the world so far...

It's a trip to Homebase.

The promise of the weekend...

Friday, August 06, 2010

Dalek Strategist

After the Drone comes the Strategist.

As I mentioned recently, I'm a recent convert to the cult...

You ordered the following items (*** all prices in pound sterling ***):

11 x Doctor Who: 2010 Wave 1 Action Figures: Blue Strategist Dalek

You ordered the following items (*** all prices in pound sterling ***):

10 x Doctor Who: 2010 Wave 1 Action Figures: Blue Strategist Dalek

You ordered the following items (*** all prices in pound sterling ***):

6 x Doctor Who: 2010 Wave 1 Action Figures: Blue Strategist Dalek

By my counting, that's 27 coming my way soon...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Five On The 5th - August

This month's topic is on the road. Here you can see some pilgrims who went on the road, some of the sights they encountered on their way and those that greeted them...

All taken on my phone...

Including this very ancient Templar graffiti.

I'm happy to report that these were all taken on the 5th. Only that it was the 5th July, last month...

So, do you know where I am?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Know Your Product (KYP) #1 - Dr. Hauschka

Chez Nous, we're big fans of Dr.Hauschka Bath Oils.

There are five in the range, variously soothing, calming (lavander), refreshing (sage) and stimulating (rosemary).

We tend to give the spruce and lemon oils a miss; I don't find them quite as pleasant.

Containing essential oils these products really capture the natural perfume extracted, which lingers beyond bath time

Tip: Draw a bath and pour some rosemary and sage oil (about 3 parts rosemary, one part sage).

Value: Average - at about £16.75 per 150ml, with a little going a long way and a quality which suggests something more expensive, Chez Nous we think Haushka Bath Oil is excellent value for money.

Available from John Lewis.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Gay Old Gardening Time

A lazy Sunday afternoon. Just as they should be.

In the garden, relaxing...

The new sex?

Or maybe even better than sex?*


How excited mon C and I get waiting for our crisp copy of BBC Gardeners' World magazine to arrive. It equals my disappointment at missing Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time today.

I thought it was at 3pm. I was an hour late...

Come August we should be sitting back and enjoying the garden. But we were late to start, and have been fairly haphazard.

Next year we will be more structured - and indeed we will finish up to the rear of the garden. We're just over half-way up, as you can see; less so on the east side.

As you see, we have quickly become expert. Let me explain our grand garden scheme...

Plant type: Some kind of blue flower.

Reason for planting: Xfe choose it because he said I liked it. I don't. I hate this plant. What I said was I liked the colour!

* nah, of course not


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