Friday, October 15, 2010

Ai Weiwei's "Dust" - The TRUTH

Today we went to the Tate, to see if my mother's wheelchair could navigate Ai Weiwei's porcelain "sunflower seeds".

However, we discovered that visitors to Tate Modern have been banned from walking on the 100 million plus porcelain seeds.

The seeds were created by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to fill the central London gallery's turbine hall.

When it opened on 11 October he urged guests to stomp on the seeds and roll in them.

But concern has now been raised over "dust" being created by people trudging through them, leaving art fans to look at the work from behind a barrier.

But I think that's not the real reason. Nope. It's not the dark spectre of health and safety looming. It's because people couldn't help stuffing their pockets full of free souvenirs, courtesy Ai Weiwei.

Even when it's cordoned off, some people still can't help themselves...


Bill said...

... unfortunately perfectly understandable (the ban) and predictable (the pilfering of the exhibit).

Friends who open their gardens to visitors during the summer (under the "Scotland's Garden Scheme" fund-raising scheme) on occasions tell me there are always a few who can't resist 'taking a cutting' despite the notices (and verbal reminders) warning not to do it. Similarly the earlier reports indicating that he hoped children could 'roll around and have fun' on the seeds seemed to me to be highly optimistic from a hygiene point of view (urine or worse) and unlike a beach this could not be washed clean by daily tides.

I hope you both enjoyed your visit nonetheless :)

MadeInScotland said...

Yesterday's Guardian actually reported this moment!

Aya Hashiguchi said...

Thank you so much for all your enthusiastic and encouraging comments!

Yes, I have been thinking I need to get another soundtrack recording to Les Miz, and shall do so at earliest convenience. I was also glad to hear that you have seen God of Carnage. I fear that my husband and I were in the minority opinion on that one. Most of the audience roared with laughter that evening and raved about the show afterward.

I had a slight change of pace last night. Enjoyed a concert rather than theatre: an evening of the music of Billie Holiday. Very nice.


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