Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big Hits, Tom Daley, Gay Divers

Suddenly my blog has gone xtreme-busy again, getting many more hits than usual.

It must have been publicised somewhere. Though I am getting many Google referrals, it seems.

Although I can't find out what they are looking up I can find where they are being referred to.

It may have something to do with the Commonwealth Games currently being played out in Delhi, and the divers.

I seem to be getting more than normal requests directing Google search enquiries to whether Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie is well hung (though the photos speak for themselves).

More of divers later, given that's what seems to be causing the spike.

There's the usual other asking for pics of gay rugby player Gareth Thomas naked.

There was a feature about him in this Sunday's Observer. I've not read it yet.

But this time it has definitely got something to do with divers.

Talking of gay sportsmen, there's a happy history of successful gay divers.

Louganis. Remember when he hit his head and still went on to win Olympic gold? I do.

Then there's another golden gay Olympian diver. Australia's Matthew Mitcham.

Currently, Britain has an up-and coming-young male diver. 16-year old Tom Daley.

Small and perfectly formed so says The Guardian, Tom had a bad patch around a couple of years ago. Despite sporting success he was being bullied at school, and had to be removed.

When being interviewed, Tom Daley does come over as an extremely sensitive young man, though I didn't watch the documentary last night about him and his poorly father.

It's likely that like those gay Olympic divers Mitcham and Louganis, Tom Daley will find golden glory and will win success for TeamGB in London 2012.

And though he is only 16 (Tom and his diving partner Max are both over 16), I'm sure he will become in the near future a pin-up boy for homosexuals who like their icons sporty, straight (like Beckham) or (like Gareth Thomas and Mitcham) otherwise. Maybe we'll even get Tom Daley naked - come 2012.


oneexwidow said...

I get random spikes of activity relating to Google referrals too.

It's normally in relation to a peace I did on Gareth Thomas a while back, and often get them en-masse from say, Denmark or the Czech Republic! Bizarre...

Just been catching up on news and stuff and Daley's dive today was amazing.

Mike said...

Anything remotely sexual gets some traffic. I've often thought about publishing some of the google searches that lead to my blog!

I say a bit of the documentary on TD last night. I wish I'd been able to see more; I think you are right he will be a bit of a pin-up whatever side of the pool he swims.

liminalD said...

"Anything remotely sexual gets some traffic"

Hmmm.... maybe I should be promising free porn? My blog's ALL ABOUT sex and sexuality, and nobody reads it!

Stephen Chapman... said...

Mattie Mitcham is a top bloke. Always comes across brilliantly in interviews.

kuyr53e said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

MadeInScotland said...

Hmm. I had thought MM was more of a bottom bloke, without taking away from those nice qualities he displays!

liminalD said...

You, sir, have a dirty mind ;P


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