Saturday, October 30, 2010

Elle Est A Toi, La Toilette

In my quest for Halloween spookiness, last night we watched The Loved Ones, a superior (Australian) torture "porn" genre movie.

Xfe is not really, well not at all, a fan of torture gore movies. I don't mind them.

It was the second part of our horror double bill, following on from the Ealing classic, the Dead of Night. I love portmanteau films, and this is a classic.

Still, I'm on the look out for a standout spooky, eerie, atmospheric Halloween weekend movie. Any suggestions?


Mike said...

You should watch "Rec" (the original Spanish version); "Let the Right One In"; or "The Crazies". Maybe even "One Missed Call"! Enjoy :-)

MadeInScotland said...

The first two I've seen. The others not! Many thanks.


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