Friday, October 01, 2010

An Evening With Greek Pete

As Xfe is away, I thought that I might treat myself. Something to help pass the time...

So last night I decided that Greek Pete would entertain me for the evening.

It's difficult to know what to say. I feel conflicted. Some of it wasn't real. Christmas was filmed in March.

Though the lifestyle may appear vacuous and void brand Greek Pete is genuine and maybe naive?

If the film doesn't show him as professional, and engaging, well just remember that things aren't always what they seem. Christmas was filmed in March.

Pete is a London based escort, trying to earn as much money in the here and now for the future. He's trying to better himself, having lived with 2 siblings and his parents in a two-bedroom home, sharing a bedroom with his older sister and younger brother.

He wants to provide himself with a bigger house, to escape his past.

That is probably the irony of the escort/client relationship. Each desiring something of the other. Pete might want the lifestyle of some of his clients; his clients just want him.

Sometimes he sounds sad, vague. Is he aware of his limitations? Possibly. Probably.

So, that was Greek Pete. It was either an evening with him or with the Killer Inside Me.

Ah - you thought I was talking about the actual guy? OK. Sorry I was, of course, talking about watching the DVD!


gayboydiary said...

I watched this a few months ago. It was interesting but it was also hard to tell how much of it was real.


jhmplondon said...

I honestly thought this was slightly more than one hour taken from my life, being gay escort myself I really felt embarrassed watching it.


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