Sunday, October 31, 2010

(Witch!) Be Careful What You Witch For

So, I'm craving the ultimate Hallowe'en spookiness, though if I get a fright I don't like it.

This clip gives you a sense of Hallowe'en chez nous. It's atmosphere. Right?

But, things have been happening. The downlighting in the kitchen didn't work for around 3 months. Xfe phoned the electrician fiancee of a friend in France to get suggestions. He was on the phone, and they, suddenly talking about them (in French), they all switched on.

Some time before, when we properly tested the central heating, I lectured Xfe about not interfering with the radiators for balance. The next time I tested the system some months after each individual radiator was switched off. I challenged Xfe, especially given the discussion we had had before.

He assured me he had not touched them.

Each radiator was off, at both ends.

Two nights ago the central heating cut out. I was pissed off. We had started watching A Serious Man, but I was so distracted by trying to get the system on-line I couldn't settle down to watch it.

The hot water worked, I flicked the boiler on and off, trying to reset it... the machine still self-diagnosed a thermostat regulating the boiler, cutting it out. That would be one I never knew we had, even after 4 months of properly operating it, until I discovered it and that it had after almost 6 months here, been switched on.

I suggested perhaps Xfe had brushed it when dusting. He didn't think he had.

On Thursday I opened up the front room to find one of the paintings rotated very squint. I sorted it.

Tonight for the first time, to hide from trick treaters we closed the partition doors dividing the front room. I said to Xfe, with some surprise having tried them before, that they actually closed and fastened. When I had tried before on moving in, they didn't fit.

So tonight I locked the doors firmly with the bolt, taking satisfaction knowing they closed and locked...

Later I came into the back area and pushed to see how firmly the bolted door held.

The doors opened. They were not - no longer - bolted. Again, I asked Xfe whether he had opened them. He said he had not, explained that at one point heard the bolt slide open, while he was reclining on the sofa watching TV.... and I in the kitchen, cooking.

All true.

Happy Hallowe'en.

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