Friday, November 19, 2010

Charity Begins At Home

But where should it end?

Tonight is the BBC's annual Children In Need telethon. I hadn't realised that it was tonight - I thought it was next week. So, I hadn't yet donated.

Xfe wanted to watch it. Usually I don't. I find it difficult, upsetting.

Even although I hadn't donated to the telethon today I did actually donate today (as I do every month):
Each month I volunteer at a legal advice clinic, giving advice to those who cannot afford to pay a solicitor. The first time I advised it was difficult to distance myself from the hardship of a client. With a stroke of a pen I could have written a cheque, spending what I spend on a good weekend out, sorting out her problem.

I support various arts organisations. Each year I give over £500 through "friends of" schemes and subscriptions.

Even so this evening, when I sat down in front of the television, I felt guilty that I had not donated to Children In Need.

To celebrate Xfe's return after his mini-break up north, tending to our niece and nephew, I had bought a bottle of champagne. I felt guilty opening and drinking it.

But I did, and I haven't yet.

Should I feel guilty?

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