Friday, November 05, 2010

Five On The 5th For My 5th

I've missed a few Five/5ths lately, but was determined I'd get back onto the case this month.

Needless to say I totally forgot until this morning when I realised it was the fifth anniversary of my blogging (give or take a day or three).

This month's theme is Recycled. I had another couple of pics I wanted to take, but by the time I got home it was too dark. I might add them tomorrow.

Instead, I've had to go through my archives to RECYCLE some of my old pics. Hope Stephen doesn't mind. It's not quite in keeping with the spirit of things, but given the anniversary, I'm sure he'll excuse it as an appropriate anniversary indulgence.

That said I'll offer up something taken today, on the 5th, for starters. On my way to the station heading to work.


As tempting as the concept of recycling may be, here's something that, despite the donor's best efforts, I doubt is going to ever find it's way onto the recycled circuit.

Second hand crapper, anyone?

This lane, which extends from N8 to N4, often has fly tipped junk strewn along it.

Not for me, I'm afraid. Not even as a planter for the garden...

Next, I have to dig into my archive of blog posts and photos.

From November 6 2008 here is a picture taken the year before, celebrating le quatorze juillet in Annecy.

Les feux d'artifices.


Today is after all the 5th November. Bonfire Night.

I hate fireworks. Rather, I hate fireworks in the hand of irresponsible people. I think all but public display use should be banned.

Chavs should not be allowed to use.

My cats would cower in fear at the squibs (a good Scottish reference) banging every other moment....

The cats. It's almost a year since Chadwick had to be put to sleep, and Cecilia followed shortly after. They hated fireworks. So I did too!

Next, it's a trip to the Tate in October 2003. Some recycled sunlight, showing as Olafur Eliasson's spectacular Weather Project installation.

With its mooted "trippy" chemical haze, this was a real winner...

Next up, from December 2009, here are some Christmas decorations on the Southbank, by Royal Festival Hall.

Actually, really and truthfully recycled.

Shredded recycled plastic bottles.

Rather effective, methinks.

Finally, thrice recycled. Some Old Street graffiti at a recycling site en route to Hoxton and Shoreditch. I do miss living by there.


Jason Shaw said...

Great collection of photos. Really interesting, pretty and clever.

the replicant said...

That Weather Project looks amazing!

Molton said...

The weather project was an amazing installation. Very trippy....

MadeInScotland said...

Molton? Wow. Where did that come from?

Daniel said...

Stunning pics. The decision to recycle them was correct if you ask me :)



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