Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Xfe is watching the Apprentice. But I don't do Karen Brady, nor Alan Sugar.

Instead I'm sitting in the kitchen, listening to R4. My favourite. In an hour or so David Tennant will be reading A Night with a Vampire.
David Tennant reads Antoine Calmet's accounts of real Vampires, gathered from people across Europe who believed they had seen the creatures with their own eyes.

Work is charging onward towards the car crash that will be Christmas. With too much to do in a limited time, sitting by as clients pass on their hurried (and poorly thought out) deals for the sake of getting them done before Christmas.

Quietly I'm resigned to the fact that I'll have to work through most of my planned holiday time off from the office 9-17 December. I'll probably be in on 9th, 13th-15th.

Already I've given up holiday booked for the days falling between Christmas and New Year, to provide cover.

My latest pleasure is buying books, and putting them in piles. I never get the chance to read them, but knowing I have them makes all the difference.

Yet another manifestation of my inclinations towards hoarding, I suppose.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Instead of having all those stacks of books collecting dust, you could get an iReader and download books you never read. In fact, once you've downloaded enough books, you can stop recharging the damn thing!

Works for me!

Happy Thanksgiving! Is it just another day in the UK?

Ben said...

Hoarding? Looks almost like nesting to me, especially as they're stacked on a bed!

MadeInScotland said...

Miss GG

Happy thanksgiving to you - we don't have it in the UK, nor an equivalent.

I'd never get an iReader. Well, never say never. I might get one for convenience, but then I'd buy the book and the eBook!

Ben - they were in transit. Coming out of a cupboard to a new location.


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