Monday, November 08, 2010

A Self Portrait #3

Well, probably it's time for the next segment of my Self Portrait in Words (with a self portrait picture to accompany the text).

Remember, the text is raw, unedited. So, the pictures should match, showing me honestly, as I am...

Do remember as well that the interview was given some 4-5 years ago, so my opinions may well have changed slightly!

Last time I was talking about life in the City.

In the City it’s all about making as much money as you can. And you can see how that happens. People get accustomed to a certain lifestyle. If they’re straight, they have children and they all go to private school, which is expensive. The wife probably doesn’t work. They have a housekeeper or whatever. The status, the expensive lifestyle… How else can it be sustained other than by maximising your income?

The whole thing is self-sustaining and relative. If everyone moved down a couple of gears, everything would move down a couple of gears around them. But that’s not going to happen because although 80 people out of 100 may be prepared to move down a gear or two the other 20 will see it as an opportunity to maximise their profit or return by continuing to offer that bit extra so that they’ll get more clients. Then you’re back where you started. You have to compete on a level footing with everyone else. So it’s self-perpetuating. And if UK law firms didn’t do that, there’s the American law firms …

I’m sure things can get harder still. People are always looking at ways to make that much more, squeeze that much more out. What’s happened—I’ve no great direct experience of this but I’ve been reading about it in the legal press—is that these days fewer people aspire to becoming partners because they’d have to give up too much of their life to do it and they prefer to have a reasonably comfortable salary and an okay work-life balance, and a lot of people are just about-turning and leaving the profession because it’s just too much. But, no, people will continue to try to make as much as they can. Absolutely. That’s what it’s all about.
This picture is how you find me, right now, taken as I'm finishing this text.


Nik_TheGreek said...

In this picture you remind me a bit of Dr. Cox of Scrubs.
I don't really like City's mentality. You can see the viciousness and arrogance of some people, especially those that work in Banks...
However, I know that if offered a position and the money I don't know if I could say no.

MadeInScotland said...

Dr Cox I know not! But I will look him up.


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