Monday, November 15, 2010

A Self Portrait #5


I feel extremely comfortable going to places where I can communicate and be understood. So I feel extremely comfortable going to France. I feel extremely comfortable going to eastern European countries because my best friend lived in Prague for seven and a half years and I used to go about nine times a year and became familiar with the place, felt safe and secure, thought eastern Europeans were safe people to be around. I’m going to America for work in October, and I’ve no interest in going because I’ve let myself become so intolerant of George Bush and his policies. I don’t identify myself as a person who’s political in any great sense, but I don’t look forward to going to America because I can’t tolerate the people anymore and principally because I see that a lot of the problems that the world faces revolve around America.

I think of myself as being Scottish first, and then European—before being British, certainly not English. There’s a humorous level to that, which is that people are always having a dig because Scotland never do well at the football or whatever. Also I think I’m more aware of being Scottish because I’m a Scot living outside Scotland. I am quite proud to be Scottish. I don’t feel not at home in London, but I think that has more to do with being gay than with being Scottish: there are so many more gay people here, so it’s easier to have a gay life here.

I don’t think London is an English city really. I consider it to be totally cosmopolitan, even beyond being full of British people: it’s just so full of people from everywhere. It’s only when there’s a national sports event like the world cup and you’ve got all the flags in the cars and so on that it becomes English rather than British.

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MadeInScotland said...

before any American cousins chastise me, this was an interview almost 5 years ago at the height of detesting Geo W Bush and what he stood for.

I've been back post Bush a couple of times since, and enjoyed the time I had...


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