Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, Christmas came and went.

Back at home, there were two trees, lights and parcels all around. Here's a scattering of pics I never managed to post until now.

Christmas presents still unpacked, unwrapped.
Christmas promise still to pass.

Festive cheer, so will pass another year.
Joy and delight, to the deity Consume.

Materialism and greed give pleasure.

It is better to buy, then buy some more.

The new reason for the season;

Spend. Spend. Spend.

Buy, eat, feast.

More. More. Please more.

Or else, we fear. We fail.

So, until next year, I'll be thinking all about what I can do bigger and better. It starts right here...

Books for Xfe. He loves reading. More Ted for me...

Two CDs for me, one for Xfe. I was given the first one, which I knew to be a CD. I hoped as I unwrapped, but with the first glimpse I knew that it was not. Nevertheless it was one I was interested in buying.

But I could tell immediately, the way Xfe looked, squinted to see the CD he was trying to see what it was. hat told me that somewhere in my pile of gifts was another. Which he gave to me and I ripped open.

HURRAH! The one I had hoped to get and hadn't bought myself.

You'll be able to work out from last year's present report which is which!

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