Saturday, December 04, 2010

Deck The Halls

There's a fine line between love and hate.

There's also a fine line between putting up your Christmas decorations too early, or not. Too early is for chavs.

Attitude Magazine have put out their baubles. This December's edition is their Sex Issue. I mean, as if there's time for that in between all the home crafts/cooking/festivities.

Flicking through the pages I see I'm mentioned (well indirectly). In the "On Porn" section I see there's an interview with the flatmate of an ex-boyfriend of mine (3 weeks, and that was over Christmas and he was French too). And there's another interview (also in the "On Porn" section) with someone I've had sex with.

gods, I must have been hot.

Compare this with the feckless, the vain and the ineffective, showing here.

Fortunately I've not had sex with any of them. But I hear say there are probably only 6 degrees of separation between us (Stockard Channing blows people away, you know).

Anyway, back to when it's acceptable to put up the Christmas decorations.

Well, you tell me - then I'll tell you. When is it acceptable to put up the Christmas decorations?


Bill said...

I usually get mine up around 22nd or 23rd December and they're down before nightfall on the 5th. I've never quite managed to wait until the traditional Christmas-eve frenzy of putting up decorations.

As Christmas is on a Saturday this year, for those who work (i.e. not me), then I suppose the previous weekend is perfectly acceptable.

Good luck, whatever yuou decide :)

Ben said...

Our decorations came down from the loft yesterday, but they won't be on display until the coming weekend.

To hell with convention I say - put them up (and take them down) whenever you like.

Is it a joint activity in your house, or is one of you in charge?

MadeInScotland said...

Xfe is always in charge of house thinks. I'll organise the tree and get it planted, opened out. Xfe will then do the decorations, with help from me. But that's fine. I don't have the patience. He does.


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