Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shopping And Wrapping And Stuff

I don't know whether I'm behind or ahead of my Christmas tasks.

The upstairs (guest) bedroom has presents all laid out, for wrapping. Xfe has suggested that we have an austere Christmas. It makes perfect sense. After all, next year we want to get the garden completely landscaped and the trees at the back fixed. We would like to start getting the sash and case windows double glazed...

But, on the other hand, it's like a Christmas nightmare coming real. The dream when I wake up on Christmas day to find that I only have no gifts.

(Usually I buy them a few main gifts and lots of little things to go with them, and a stocking).

What actually made me see spending sense was having to buy both my own and Xfe's main Christmas presents from my Mum and Dad for us. My Mum doesn't know what we have and therefore what to buy, can't easily access the shops etc.

So, there I was spending £250 on behalf of my Mum, and thinking about spending the same on them, when STOP! What was the point. I told my Mum I had bought something for each of us, and she need not buy another thing. The gifts I bought on her behalf were enough.

But, with only an M&S sweater for my Dad (how original), today with Christmas creeping closer, I feel the need to buy something else.

I think I'll get him the Girl with the Dragon Breath trilogy, and perhaps some toiletries.

In comparison with my Mum, my Dad's Christmas pile is always smaller.

I've sent my brother some cash for him to buy their stocking fillers. They will be with him on Christmas Day.

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