Saturday, December 18, 2010

Strange Dreams

This one ranks in bizarre....

Three of my friends were swimming with me, at school (or University), I can't remember which.

Then we were performing with Mariah Carey (think All I want For Christmas (Is You)). Then it was dressing room and one of the boys needed to go.

We sat chatting as he sat on the loo, and thought it would be fun to boast to friends "I've dumped in front of Mariah Carey". So, we call her in, obscuring Grant who is sitting on the loo.

Mariah comes in to ask what's going on, at which stage there's an effortless "plop", she sees immediately what's going on, we burst out laughing (I think I burst out laughing in my sleep), and she leaves the room saying we are gross.

Where on earth did that one come from? Wow!!!

1 comment:

Stephen Chapman... said...

A dream with Mariah?! Sounds more like a nightmare!!!


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