Monday, May 31, 2010

What A Weekend!!

Well, we had a full house, with 2 separate sets of guests staying. C & C from Paris, and my brother, his partner and their 18-month old son, our nephew.

Saturday was our housewarming BBQ. It was dull, grey and the rain was only around the corner.

About 10am I went to shower. Getting dressed I heard Xfe shout for help.

The bottom toilet was overflowing; and it wasn't pretty. Yup, something found it's way into the toilet that shouldn't have and blocked our downpipe. So, instead of the waste flowing out into the sewer it flowed out of the downstairs toilet into the hall, the cupboard etc....

You get the idea.

So, having to prepare for 30+ people coming to a BBQ in the rain, with a house full of guests and no toilets working, and sh*t to clean couldn't get worse.

Long story short, we got rods, checked the sewage, it was clear, tried to unblock by suction using the rods...

At 2pm I decided an emergency plumber was needed. He would be with us between 6-8pm.

At 2.30pm Xfe went to collect the first of our guests. While he was away my brother had a shower. The clean water waste is not connected to the foul water waste... or so we thought - the exception being the ensuite in the attic conversion. So, another tide of sewage spilled out over and into the bathroom, hall....

Thanks to C & C who respectively did the rods, the cleaning. Thanks to neighbour C who let our guests use her toilet; and thanks to my brother for coping.

We still had over 30 guests, started at 3pm, finished about 11.30pm. The plumber was here spot on 6pm. It took about 45mins to fix, and he got the biggest cheer from my guests when he fixed the problem.

Normal service was resumed thereafter.

How we laughed (you think)?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back To BB

We're connected!

Hurrah. At last. Normal service will be...


Friday, May 21, 2010

Happiness Is That Friday Feeling

Some things never change!

In the old place we had outside space, right outside our front door. As well as a communal courtyard. Though we rarely used the latter.

But going home to your own garden is even better.

We had fantastic weather in London today. 27C in our back garden. I couldn't wait to be home.

The difference being that this time it's all ours, and it's green and it's work (as Xfe will attest - that's him attending to his patch).

There's an odd sense of completeness (I can't think of a beter word to describe it currently) that this chapter of our lives meant we left behind old friends. We talked about Cecilia being here, but of course she died before we made the move.

It probably wasn't meant to be. Maybe the move to a new big space would have been too much for her.

But she's here in spirit.... last night we were sitting watching Rome on DVD (our new best thing - it's cunting-tastic, to use the language you're likely to hear when watching it; if you haven't seen it - do so, WOW!) when up to the window jumped a cat, and did exactly what Cecilia used to.

Here he/she is. There are plenty of cats passing through our garden to keep us company.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Xfe's Patch

His is the lavender and rosemary, mine is the raised box.

The rosemary came with us and sits over the gap between the fence and soil. The lavender is there to catch the sun. I want strong scents...

For those who liked the butch cushions, you can find them here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camp Cushions

This lack of proper internet access is really getting on my tits.

There's a BT Openworld/Fon hotspot, but my subscription is cancelled pending new internet provider. In any event, the reception is really poor. The signal seems to keep dropping.

I'm undecided whether to go Sky, BT Openworld or O2 Wireless.

We do, however, have our phone line and Sky HD+


In the meantime, here are some other cushions we have scattered around the place.

Really butch, don'tcha think.

Buy them here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday Fun

This is one of the blokes I spent my Friday afternoon with.


By all means zoom in and czechOUT his underwear; he was really proud of it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hurrah! Xfe comes home today. So I've put out some me the new stuff for him.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dear Mon C

Well my love, I hope this email gets to you - just in case there is no internet connection.

I was up at 7am to test the washing machine. All started OK, and ran fine. But then at the end, I saw the water was full and up came a message saying blocked drainage pipe.

I thought maybe I had blocked it when installing by pushing so far back. So, had to take machine part out, took off wood and door again. Cut finger when doing so, lots of blood.

Hmm. Then I checked the outflow, and when I manipulated it I noticed some air hiss, which told me what I needed to know (I hope you worked it out to).

So, I switched off, disconnected and switched on and held the outflow into the sink, it pumped out.

So, it confirmed my thought. I opened up the plumbing into the sink, and there was a seal. You wouldn't have seen it. So, removed it, put it all back, and it worked perfectly. Plenty of washing done.

Then the alarm people came. When they were here I sorted (I hope) the guest bedroom bed. And put the bed linen on it.

I noticed the two radiators up there weren't fully warm. I knew the pump in CH worked fine, and knew it was air block, that I could fix by bleeding the radiators. But here's the thing. The CH pressure is very low, and for the life I couldn't work out how to top it up. I'd looked and looked before putting in the washing machine.

So, I didn't fix them, until it got to much. I gently bled then, fixed the first, then the second (the second still has a slight block, I'll leave it and do it again later).

Then I came down to check the pressure. As I thought , it had dropped to the bottom. I was anxious. Looked again.

Got out the construction (not instruction) manual to see how it was installed, thought I could see how and where, went back, did it gently...and it worked - hurrah!!

So very happy.

Love U mon C


ps How do I use the iron we have? I need to iron work shirts!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Neighbour Watch - The Works; Fin

So, this is the last I'll see of the works next door, probably until it is built...

and not for a couple of years hence.

In the meantime, this is one of the things I see from the window now when I look out.

Mon C is going to tend to the garden, but this part is mine! I love scented flowers; so this is my herb garden with some jasmine (I'll need a frame) for good measure!

Monday, May 03, 2010

End Of Packing

So, of course, on Wednesday I finished the packing.

What an effort. I hated it; but the focus of having to move out so quickly definitely helped! Otherwise I could have seen us drifting on and on....

Sunday, May 02, 2010

It Started With This

Owning a house was one of my three ambitions in life. The other two - professional ambitions - were achieved, one in 1997, the other a few years back.

The immediate trigger for the house was this:

I was desperate to have an HD tv; but resolved not to until I had a house. I wanted to see what I was missing, and was certain that I didn't want to wait any longer.

It arrived on Saturday.

You can guess what I chose to watch first.

WOW! The quality is super-superb.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Found Wi-Fi

I've moved, and I'm without Broadband for the moment.

But I've found a spot in the house where I can access - so I may have intermittent access, and infrequent posts until I get my own. You'll know why!


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