Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dark Isolation

Three nights ago I finished reading a rather atmospheric ghost story.

I couldn't remember buying the book. It was just there, on a pile of books, when I went to look for something. Quick reference to my Amazon recent purchases didn't include it. It wasn't a gift, and certainly, not a book Xfe would buy for himself.

It's the sort of book you read through, knowing something dreadful is to happen. The closer you get to the end, the sooner you know it's going to happen..... Then it does, and the horror races on at a pace.

When I finished, I had a horrible thought. What if there was something upstairs? Something dark and malignant. I realised all these nights I had spent with Xfe away, our bedroom door wide open at the foot of the stairs leading upward, while I slept in fits and starts.

Weeks, even months, can go by without me putting foot up there.

I fell asleep and thought nothing more of it.

So much for austerity! I've spent less than £200 on AmEx since this time last month. Xfe has spent over £1,775. Pretty heavy going, especially as he has been working in China the last 2 weeks (none of the spend is his expenses).

However, I can tell from his China spend that he has brought me something rather nice...

1 comment:

Nik_TheGreek said...

lol.... If you get slightly nervous with scary stories, stop reading them.
Also, with that amount of money you can buy lot's of things in China. Is he bringing you a car or something? He might find it difficult to pass it through customs.


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