Saturday, February 05, 2011

Five On The Fifth

This month its Reflections.

I took this picture in Jerusalem. I've cropped and tweaked the colours today so I have an excuse to use it here. I've always wondered what these people are reflecting upon, especially given the situation there.

A lot more straightforward next. This I took yesterday for this post. It's not clever or classic. Just fits the bill.

The river, of course, my favourite part of London.

A rainy day gives plenty to reflect upon.

As does the promise of a New Year.


Jason Shaw said...

Simply wonderful. I love the rainy day one. So expressive.

Howard said...

I agree with Jason, the rainy day shot is a wonderfully moody shot!

Cubby said...

Nice pics. I love photos of men's rooms. said...

stunning london shot.

the replicant said...

I like the green tint that the men's room has, suggestive of old fluorescent lights. It suits it well.


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