Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Fun

Scotland played Brazil yesterday at the Emirates Stadium. Living fairly close by the area had many kilted guys and yellow and green bedecked Brazillians.

Scotland were delighted with the result. A 2-0 defeat.

Only 1 more week until Xfe is home. His trip to La Reunion has been rescheduled, so he will be here for Eater. Hurrah!!!

These are some flowers I've taken in from the garden. Their perfume is super-strong! I can smell them from the hall, with the front room doors closed.


SteveA said...

It's such a long time to wait for hubby - but soon enough! in kilts - mu heart races!

CJ/Rick said...

Oh yes hyacinths are quite intoxicating.. Some would say nauseating. I like them.
Glad you will be together soon.


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