Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tonight I was at the legal advice clinic I volunteer at.

I can be very judgemental, and at times I need to check myself. Tonight, as is often the case, I left feeling humble, and lucky.

Tonight I advised a client carrying debt just a little less than the maximum cost of the Olympic tickets I've requested. Yet their income from benefits is just over £100 per week.

We advise on housing, employment, debt and contractual disputes (e.g. sale of goods). One of the first clients I ever advised many years ago was claiming compensation for around £250 for negligent damage to her belongings. She didn't have contents insurance, of course, because she couldn't afford it. I knew that I could have written her a cheque for the amount she was claiming. It would have made no difference to me, but a huge difference to her.


Last night I bought some new film and lenses for my Hipstamatic. Here are the results:

Final thought

Hmmm. Since moving (almost a year ago now), I'm far less creative in terms of blog posts. It's the space I live in now -vs- the space I used to live in. Before I sat in front of the MacBook often, while watching TV, with Xfe, when we lived the open plan life.

Now I don't. And I don't.


SteveA said...

Humility! Humility! Humility! It's good to help those and then we can appreciate what we have!

Nik_TheGreek said...

Nice of you to volunteer like that. It's inspiring...


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