Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time Stands Still

It seems that time stands still when you are gone. The calendar is left lying about the date, reminding me of the day you left. The clocks regularly run down because I forget to wind them up.

K. left this morning after a 2-night stay. Last night was quiet. I was in bed by 10pm - though only because on Thursday night we were up until 2.30am, having drank between us just under 5 bottles of wine, singing to Les Mis, and then to Jesus Christ Superstar. OMG.

However I felt fully recovered after a full on day in the office yesterday.

Rather depressingly I have to go to the office tomorrow to do some stuff. This coming week is super busy.

Still, only 4 days this week and then on Friday we meet in Paris for the weekend...

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