Thursday, March 17, 2011

What A Load Of Stonewall

Tomorrow I'm off to Stonewall's Workplace Conference 2011, so this evening feels like I'm on holiday, especially as I'm off to Paris tomorrow evening to see mon C, flying in from Tel Aviv before jetting off to Taiwan.

I'm travelling with a bag full of sausages, and a large black pudding, so we and his Parisian pals can enjoy a full english on Saturday morning. For their benefit, not mine.

Thank's to all your comments on my Olympic Overspend. As a result I sought to save economies and turn off the heating at home. OMG, was I so cold last night in bed. I think it is the over-long hours I've had this week at work. In at 6.30am, leaving after 9pm...

The heating is back on ce soir.

Tonight I shall be watching more film grossness - the 2010 release of I Spit On Your Grave.

Well, having had a beta max as kids, and persuading my father to rent all the video nasties, I had to by way of homage!

I shall report back...

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