Thursday, April 28, 2011

Towering Velveteen

Hedwig may be in the box. But today we bucked the RW&B trend to do something different.

The Doctor Who Experience, at Olympia.


If you click the photo I think it will take you to more on Flickr. Enjoy.

It's Coming Soon

Plans have been made.

The preparations are well underway.

For the big celebration here in London...

Here is how my cupboard is looking. Very patriotic.

The Red The White The Blue

Continuing with a celebration of all things red, white and blue, here's Olympic diving star (with plenty star quality to come in 2012) Tom Daley, flying the flag.

For some reason, my blog gets so many Google hits for Tom Daley naked, Tom Daley gay.

Her seems to have overtaken Ben Whishaw in popularity.

Perhaps it is the rush to buy tickets for London 2012.

For all those locals wanting to see Tom Daley, Olympic diver in the red, white and nude.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Guests

It's the hot ticket. In case you didn't already know, like Will's mother, Kate is a commoner.

And, so, as is the want of the bride's mother, family is thicker like blood. Apparently.

The Red

Ex-PMs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are not invited.

The Sh*te

Uncle Gary Goldsmith is invited.

The Blue

Baroness Thatcher, John Major and David Cameron were invited. Unfortunately, the Baroness is in ill-health and declined.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Countdown

We are rather in something of an hysteria here in London. If it has escaped your notice, well, there's a certain event happening here on Friday (the clue is in the red, white and blue hanging all the way down Regent Street here to Piccadilly Circus).

Le marriage. But best of all, we get an extra day's bank holiday. That has meant with Easter first and May Day on it's heels, we have two 4-day back to back bank holiday weekends.

Take off the extra 3 days in between and I'm not back to work for another week. Hurrah!

We went shopping today in Oxford Street/Regent Street, and We are transformed.

So, is MadeInScotland getting ready to street party or else to watch DVDs or old films all day Friday?

Bunting, or bah humbug (see the red, white and blue yet)?

Just wait and see...

Eurovision Blues

Not that I need cheering up, but forever happy I am when I listen to the Eurovision 2007 songs from our Helsinki honeymoon.

Here's Eirikur for Iceland

and here on my blog, reading all about him, on my blog!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lego Who

Well it's not really Lego but the next best thing. Can't wait for the other figures to come out.

And I'm loving this new app....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Season Of The Visitor

So, season 6 of Doctor Who kicked off last night with space, 1969 - The Impossible Astronaut, and a fitting tribute.

All the characters were there, but there was something I didn't quite like about it. I love having a story arc, but I got fed up watching Lost, Heroes because it just became too involved and too difficult. Plotting and setting up are great, so long as we move forward and have resolutions, rather than more questions.

Amy seemed whiny. I liked her character last season, less so last night.

But River Song. Her banter with the Doctor - classic. Especially her quip about how he seemed to have gone down rather well on Easter Island (the locals erecting the statues in tribute to him). Spot on.

So, the season of the visitor has started. I love having guests. On Thursday night best friend arrived from Warsaw, for one night en route to Scotland for Easter. He is back on Tuesday until after the Royal Wedding.

Z arrives from Paris today for 2 weeks. Her boyfriend Aymeric arrives next Wednesday for the balance of her stay. Then the weekend after the wedding we have C&C with us from Paris.

I'm off work until after the May day bank holiday, and may the weather remain glorious!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Tear, Sarah Jane?

Doctor Who may be back on screen tonight, but the Whoniverse will be a sadder place without Sarah Jane Smith.

czechOUT from 1:40 - rather poignant!

The week started with the excitement of the release of Planet of the Spiders, when 3 became 4. But on Tuesday night I heard that Lis Sladen, the actress that was Sarah Jane Smith, had died.

As a 6 year old, Sarah Jane was my friend and from December 1973 until late 1976 my Saturday teatime companion. That's probably why the news was incredibly sad for a generation or two.

So, tonight, when Matt Smith returns in The Impossible Astronaut, it will still be Sarah Jane Smith I'm thinking of.

For further reading, see Memorabilia Antonina: Elisabeth Sladen, 1946-2011.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sarah Jane Smith - Lis Sladen R.I.P.

Last night I learned that Lis Sladen had died.

Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith and her times with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, especially the Sarah Jane Smith/Doctor 4 combo, is and always will be classic Doctor Who for me.

Halcyon childhood days and memories are stirred.

I didn't know Lis Sladen, but I knew Sarah Jane Smith.

So, goodbye Sarah Jane. You were the best.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

John Snow Pub Protest

Could we put the homophobic John Snow pub landlord out of business?

Don't just go in past to kiss.

It's a small bar. Go in, order say a diet coke or an OJ and a glass of tap water. Sit with friends for 3 or more hours, taking up seats, make that coke last....

A bag of crisps for another couple of hours?

Then kiss a sweet goodbye - help him kiss his sweet lease goodbye.

Show him homophobic hate is not just morally and criminally wrong. Put him out of business.

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Rien A Dire

So, the week ended up only slightly less hectic than it began.

My figures for last month had me working at 124% utilisation. That means I worked 6 days out of 5 every week in March.

Ivan from Prague is working in London this week. He came round for dinner last night. I haven't seen him since I was cross country skiing in North Bohemia in February 2006. It was so nice to see him.

Here's a picture I took from before then. Another fun memory, and yes, that really is a real Czech policewoman, not a porn one, taking Natasha's details after she had rammed the car into a stationary one at the lights while travelling with Ivan and I.

This time last year

It was a year ago today we collected the keys for the house.

Time flies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Personal Plea From Muammar Gaddafi's Daughter

From: Ayesha Al-Gaddafi
To: MadeInScotland
Sent: Tuesday, 5 April, 2011 14:49:24

Attention My Beloved,

With due respect I am sending you this email in respect of my fathers funds that was deposited in my name in a reputable bank in the United Kingdom and there paying branch for my funds is there bank branch in Cayman Islands. The name of my father is Muammar Gaddafi who is the
Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya and I am his daughter Ayesha al-Gaddafi who is not in support of my fathers position in killing the Libyan citizens. Well to tell you about my self a little I was appointed as the United Nations Development Program National ?Goodwill
Ambassador for Libya on July 24, 2009, primarily to address the issues of HIV/AIDS, poverty and women rights in Libya, all of which are culturally sensitive topics in the country. In February 2011 the United Nations ask me to step down as the goodwill ambassador because of
my fathers betrayal to his country. I am a lawyer by profession. In July 2004 I joined the legal defense team of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. I played the role of peacekeeper among the brothers. I have been a longtime, loud supporter of anti-government groups
(except at home) including the IRA and the insurgents in Iraq. I married a cousin of her father in 2006. I am also the head of the charity Wa Attassimou, which defended Muntadhar al-Zaidi when he faced charges stemming from the shoe-hurling incident. But right now after my
fathers attack to his people I and my family has been placed under a travel ban since February 26, 2011, under United Nations Security Council Resolution. At this point I want you to know that I have a past and history to protect and I have never supported my father in his wrong ways that is why I want to separate myself from the family.

I actually came across your contact information while using a soft-ware called the internet web detective. This software is usually used by attorneys around the world and is a very powerful with well over one billion data info. It has the capacity of snoozing on anybody using
the internet on regular basis and automatically stores up data received. Having studied a bit of your profile as displayed by the web detective I came to the conclusion that you will be a very trustworthy and reliable partner since you have had no criminal records in the past or present, hence I contacted you because I know you are capable to handle this project and assist me to receive this funds.

Right now we have a lot of calamity in Libya and the US government has already seized $40billion dollars of my fathers money in the United State Of America and the British did the same too. But before the British took there step I have already contacted one of the bank where my father deposited $22billion dollars in my name and I contacted the bank and told them to transfer the funds to there affiliate branch in Cayman Island and delete the original existing account in the United Kingdom and the British has never had any idea if we have any money in any more banks in the United Kingdom or Cayman Island, so I have done all
measures for the safety of the funds, so that after this crisis I can leave my family to be on my own and have enough money to start a new life in any country of my choosen.You can have the story of my father confirmed online by only typing his name on any search engine, cnn, bbc, Aljezeera and other media sites and stations.

At this point I can’t communicate with you on phone, but only by email as we have been restricted access, I will also want you to know that I have done all that is necessary for you to receive this funds without any problem or eyebrow. As soon as I receive your email I will send
you the contact of the bank in Cayman Islands to contact them and make further claims of this funds to your possession and hold it till this calamity in Libya is over. But please I want you to know that I am working with you with full loyalty and honesty on this, so our percentage ratio has soon as you get this funds of $22bilion dollars in your possession is 50% for me , 10% for any miscellaneous expenses and 40% for you has your share for assisting me in making this project a success. I also want you to know that there is no legal implications of any kind or any unforeseen one and it is 100% risk free and it is compulsory you keep every details in this message
confidentially and secretive between us both alone and the bank official that will be helping us. I also want you to know that none of my brothers know about this funds and this is my inheritance from my father which my father feels that this funds has already been seized, so you have nothing to worry about and act has been directed for the success of you having this funds in your possession

I have contacted the bank several times and they have told me all that is needed by the beneficiary that will claim this funds is for you to provide the information’s that will be requested below and also effect the affidavit of change of name on the funds of $22billion dollars from the United Kingdom deposited in there bank. Which I have been updated that to effect the affidavit of change of name on the funds through proper channels, Royal court e.t.c it will cost $701.15 because of the large sum of money involved. I would have paid for the affidavit of change of name on the funds but me and my family has been banned to send money or receive money in and out of Libya, even at present we can't even move out of Tripoli, Libya. Which I have also called the bank to deduct the fee needed for the success of this funds to your possession from the funds of $22billion dollars but they said that it is not possible because the funds has been re-deposited in Cayman Islands as fixed funds that has been disable from withdrawal until it gets to the receiving account which is your bank account that you will be sending to them as the beneficiary, so do not worry has 10% has been set aside for such miscellaneous expenses from the funds of $22billions dollars which you will deduct the 10% with your percentage of 40% has soon as you have the funds in your possession.

You are to send the following information by return mail:

(1)Your Occupation.....
(2)Bank address....
(4)Swift code......
(5)Beneficiary Bank name
(6)Beneficiary address.....
(7)Your phone no...........
(8)Account name....
(9)Account no......
(10) Your Bank Toll Free Phone Number:
(11) Your Bank Address.

This is the information below where you are to send the $701.15 below through western union to the high court below to effect the affidavit of change of name.

Receivers name: Linda Phillips
Address: Manchester - United Kingdom.
Text Question: What for?
Answer: Success.
Amount: $701.15

So you will be sending to me in return mail the information’s asked from above and the MTCN number, senders name, senders address, so that I can forward this information’s to the bank so that the effect of affidavit of change of name can be done immediately and on time, so we have no time to waste as delay is dangerous and as soon as I receive you email I will send to you the complete information and contact of the bank for you to contact them and make finally claim of this funds to your possession.

It is very important you don't disclose the content of this message to a third a party, all information contained herewith is strictly for your consumption, this business should therefore be considered as extremely confidential for now. All future email communication shall
henceforth be communicated via this email address for confidentiality sake and anywhere I instruct you to.

If you are not satisfied with the above explanation and still wish to hear more, do let me know and remember that it takes two hands to clap so let work together with one love and honesty for the success of you having these funds in your possession.

I will be waiting urgently for the details and information requested from you above.

Thank you and have a very pleasant day.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ayesha al-Gaddafi

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doctor Who - LEGO (Of Sorts)

Hurrah! The first of my Doctor Who Character Building LEGO like sets arrived today. Dalek Progenitor Room mini-set and the TARDIS mini-set.

Plenty more to come....

Friday, April 08, 2011

Weather We're Having

I'm wide awake. Too many things (all work related) stressing me out. It's the first time for a while I've had a sleepless night from stress, but I really don't care because the weekend starts here. I'm on holiday tomorrow, and what a great day it's going to be...

The last couple of days in London have been fantastic weather wise. I've spotted this at lunchtime (both days) when I've taken lunch on the 9th floor terrace looking out over the Southbank, across the City. Before disappearing back into the office for hours and leaving for home in the dark.

I may be awake watching TV downstairs, but I'm happy to know Xfe's sleeping soundly in bed upstairs.

There's a box in the hall with 3 ring binders full of documents that need reviewed for next week. But, hey, that's for Sunday.

Monday, April 04, 2011


Yay! Xfe arrives home tomorrow. His trip to La Reunion (in the Indian Ocean) has been rescheduled, so he's home until mid-June, when he returns to Taiwan.

Apart from 48 hours in Paris, I hadn't seen him since the end of February, and he hasn't been home since then.

Perhaps I should take Friday off work to spend some extra time with him...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Champagne & Seafood

Tomorrow I'm invited to a champagne & seafood lunch, with clients.

There will be various others there. Of whom it will be interesting to see which are tucking into the free pop and nosh. I love a glass of pop, absolutely. Best at home, alone or with real friends. But I think I appreciate it more when I pay for it.

Local dignatories will be there. Freebies.

I bet they will be scoffing. In my experience I find those of us we elect (particularly at local level) are always ravenous, especially when it comes to free fine food and the sparking fine French wine that is champagne.

For my part, I've been taken to Nobu, dined at the Maze, sipped pop at...

Well, it doesn't really matter. It's part of what I do. But I still love to see the elected dignatories scoff it all. Seeing them all greedy, when they their show true colours. And they only ever get freebies like this when invited....

Friday, April 01, 2011

New Wave


We're off to see Blondie, playing at Somerset House in July.

Xfe is excited, me too. They are the sound of my early teenage years.

Hope it's the old classic stuff rather than new, new wave...


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