Sunday, April 24, 2011

Season Of The Visitor

So, season 6 of Doctor Who kicked off last night with space, 1969 - The Impossible Astronaut, and a fitting tribute.

All the characters were there, but there was something I didn't quite like about it. I love having a story arc, but I got fed up watching Lost, Heroes because it just became too involved and too difficult. Plotting and setting up are great, so long as we move forward and have resolutions, rather than more questions.

Amy seemed whiny. I liked her character last season, less so last night.

But River Song. Her banter with the Doctor - classic. Especially her quip about how he seemed to have gone down rather well on Easter Island (the locals erecting the statues in tribute to him). Spot on.

So, the season of the visitor has started. I love having guests. On Thursday night best friend arrived from Warsaw, for one night en route to Scotland for Easter. He is back on Tuesday until after the Royal Wedding.

Z arrives from Paris today for 2 weeks. Her boyfriend Aymeric arrives next Wednesday for the balance of her stay. Then the weekend after the wedding we have C&C with us from Paris.

I'm off work until after the May day bank holiday, and may the weather remain glorious!!

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