Friday, April 08, 2011

Weather We're Having

I'm wide awake. Too many things (all work related) stressing me out. It's the first time for a while I've had a sleepless night from stress, but I really don't care because the weekend starts here. I'm on holiday tomorrow, and what a great day it's going to be...

The last couple of days in London have been fantastic weather wise. I've spotted this at lunchtime (both days) when I've taken lunch on the 9th floor terrace looking out over the Southbank, across the City. Before disappearing back into the office for hours and leaving for home in the dark.

I may be awake watching TV downstairs, but I'm happy to know Xfe's sleeping soundly in bed upstairs.

There's a box in the hall with 3 ring binders full of documents that need reviewed for next week. But, hey, that's for Sunday.


Stephen Chapman said...

It was a beautiful day yesterday in Herts - just like summer!

We're making the most of it as we all know how Spring can be.

liminalD said...

Hope you feel better soon mister... I know what the whole sleeping badly from stress thing is like, happens to me a lot these days.

Stay smiley, drink plenty of water, breathe deeply, keep warm and eat healthy, and take some time to just do something that makes you happy :)

And remember that you totally rock, also ;)


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