Thursday, May 26, 2011


Holiday bargain alert!!

Last night we booked a mini-break. We're off to Stockholm for 6 days. Flying Club Europe with BA, 5 nights in the Sheraton and it's costing us £192. Spend to save.

We had booked into the Sheraton SoHo in New York and I was on the point of confirming Club World BA flights until I found out the tax and airport charges to fly BA0001 was going to be approx £850. Whilst nothing pleases me more than the thought of flying 8 hours in BA business class, with a bed, £850 doesn't fit in with our age of austerity theme for 2011.

So then we looked at a map to see where we could go. I couldn't get flights to Las Vegas. BA (even on BA Club World) was too far for a mini-break. Istanbul had no availability. So we settled on Stockholm.

In keeping with the age of austerity I'll be buying my booze at the airport to take with me.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I LOVED Stockholm! The viking ship they have preserved is the coolest! And the Royal Mews with all the ancient carriages! Such a beautiful, clean, friendly city!

Daniel said...

Welcome to my city, hope you'll enjoy your stay. Don't miss visit the Wasa museum located at Djurgården, an exposition of epic failure LOL


Nik_TheGreek said...

I also loved my visit to Stockholm. I loved walking around the islands. Enjoy


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