Saturday, June 11, 2011

Before Glee

Before Glee, (and Cop Rock*), we had the Kids from Fame.

I think it was one of the first albums I ever had, My GrandMa bought it for me one Christmas.

I loved Desdemona. I had been studying Othello at school for my English higher - so it made perfect sense

When Coco and Miss Grant went head to head for a Broadway part, it was unhappiness all round. But this is the version that was reprised for Coco's goodbye.

And poor Julie couldn't really sing (nor dance). All she was good for was putting a cello between her legs. Then, one season, she never came back, having got knocked-up over summer vacation. In truth, Lori Singer went Footloose.

*OMG, how we laughed about this musical police drama series!!! A critical and commercial failure


SteveA said...

I remember High Infidelity (did I spell that right)? - that was a cool pop song back in the days.

But now that you mentioned it - yes - there was Fame before Glee - and the songs were original and the stories a bit more mature!

The Kids from Fame though were much bigger in the UK than they were in the US - a shame really, but maybe America wasn't ready for a Glee back then!

MadeInScotland said...

Hi Fidelity!!

So Bruno and Doris go into a music shop for B to czechOUT the synths. And all of a sudden there's singing and dancing...


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