Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In The End

We have been getting deliveries galore. I think my Internet buying addiction is a sure sign of some unhappiness elsewhere in my life. Of course! Classic behaviour. What else.

Amazon as always is a prime suspect, but so too sites for plants (office plants for clean air retailing in the hundreds of pounds - because they come in amazing self-watering containers).

Books, CDs, Travel tickets, more plants and concert tickets. Apps, for the pad.

The latest thing is anything Stockholm. Books, DVDs (set in and or filmed in) and guides.

But, hurrah! In this week's TimeOut I see Justin Bond is playing at the Soho Theatre. I missed him last time. But not this time around. Oh no. we will be there.

You may have seem Justin in Shortbus, or elsewhere. His new album is out now. Dendrophile. With a gorgeous Scott Matthew cover.

Already I am dreaming of Christmas and Christmas shopping. Sabon patchouli vanilla and lavender is the new Dr. Haushka don't you know?

We can get it in Tel Aviv, Paris and New York. But not, yet, in London. So I have in mind a trip to Paris late autumn to stock up on the Sabon product to gift away.

In truth we have really been austere this year in sympathy and in fear. Each month I salary sacrifice to allow a £2.6k injection into my pension. The pension pays the mortgage in 23 years and 11 months we hope.

As a back-up I try and repay between £500-£1k capital per month, just in case. The last few months it's been the k.

As a result I have no surplus left to spend. As soon as my salary hits my account, the balance left covers regular mortgage payments and other bills. Ok, my spending thereafter may put me withdrawn, but I can rely on the tenant's rent to cover that, which it so far does.

Usually I can bear the austerity, but just for the moment I feel the need to spend.

This morning I heard that interest rates might be subject to change in autumn. By the time I was heading home I read in the Standard that interest rates will be on hold for at least a year.

No wonder that I'm up and down.

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