Friday, June 10, 2011


So, despite my best intentions, I bought an iPad 2.

The thing is, having played with it at the airport I avoided it at duty free Dixons (the price was approximately £8 less than the high street price).

However when we arrived at Aberdeen we had a few hours to kill at the station, and they have an Apple store there...

What do I think?

The size is fantastic. The keyboard is actually ok, and not difficult to use at all. My typing skills don't demand anything better.

The cover is ingenious and fantastically engineered.

But what can I use it for? Surfing, blogging (having found the app), email. But not quite the usual Internet stuff. There is no flash player because of some dispute, so that is a chore. I can't use websites to best advantage as I can on the mac.

Do I need it? No.

Do I like it? Yes. More than I thought I would.

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SteveA said...

I'm in the same boat - it's limited in use, but I love travelling with it to look at my music videos and e-mail. It's also great to use whilst just lying on the couch and surfing!


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