Sunday, July 31, 2011

Apple Buggeration

Last weekend I upgraded Snow Leopard to Lion.

When I went to use Eudora it wouldn't work. Work and Excel also had a "no entry" sort of sign over the icons.

After a little research I realised that the Outlook for Mac I used was for Power PC chips (used by Apple before Intel was inside). Lion no longer supported Power PC software.

My archive - and more importantly Xfe's - archives of emails, addresses, attachments and other documents using mail were lost.

SO, thought I, no option but to buy new Office for Students for Mac. Only to find, when I loaded it and ran Outlook, I had to upgrade to "buy" it.

What?!! Then looking at the box I noticed only Word, Excel and Powerpoint are included. Outlook is not.

I tried to find the .eml files etc, transfer from one Mac to another. But all in vein.

Eventually, 11.30pm on Tuesday night I thought of a solution...

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