Friday, July 08, 2011

A Silver Darling - Stockholm Day 2

So, here we are in Stockholm, in a fantastic room at the Sheraton. When we booked there was a twin queen room available at the same rate as a queen. I told him to take it. He had a little moan of doubt - but when I explained that having 2 queen beds didn't mean we had to use them both, he sort of saw the point. Now we are here he does. The room is double the size of the others.

There is one small problem with the room. I'll explain later, but for the moment let me just say that Stephen King would no doubt write a blockbuster novel inspired by it!

Last night we went out for dinner at ......... I has the taste of Sweden platter (delicious) followed by Elk meatballs and mash - the most traditional of Swedish cuisine. Xfe had a selection of herring and then a salmon skewer. I have to say his herring dish was a winner.

I was struck by Sweden as soon as we started flying over it, the mix of green and water. As we descended even better. Forests and lakes everywhere. Stockholm is surrounded by water and with quite a number of imposing, historic buildings.

I could live here, but Xfe not. The winters would be too cold and the nights too long. That, for me, would not however be a problem...


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